Arise Virtual Solutions is a Scam and a Ripoff Work at Home Company

How can this happen? Frequent issues with system reporting time serviced that never gets resolved. I made top perfomance pay and they still denied me it and I quit on the spot. There is a constant fear of your or at least my QA PF lying about be and I have caught her several times doing so … and if you go above her — look out. I work nights after they go to bed and early before they wake up and spend all day with them. Yes, my vacation now will only be unpaid, but will lower my average hourly wage for the hours I do work. This is a Great place to work, and I am enjoying every minute!

Be Your Own Boss. Work from Home using the Arise Platform. The Arise platform provides an unparalleled business opportunity for tens of thousands of primarily home-based micro call centers, run by stay-at-home moms, veterans, college students, retirees and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals.

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This allows talented individuals with years of experience You have that independence. Thanks for your submission! For your convenience logging in, please bookmark www. Stay here and you will be redirected to the portal in If you are not redirected click https: Learn More Register Now. Superior Quality Interactions Arise's Platform redefines outsourced customer service. Industry-Leading Flexibility The Arise Platform enables the most scalable customer service from an outsourcing partner.

Enhanced Security Arise uses a tiered approach to security to ensure outsourced customer service risk is minimized. Industry Expertise We know that customers' needs are different in every industry.

Take the next step to a better business solution Thanks for your submission! Arise is removing the portal login button from Arise. You might feel this way but it is true arise is crooked. There are a lot of people who secretly work for arise and come on these sights to make the pepole who pay look like liars.

Everything she said was completly accurate. So before you get on here calling everyone liars maybe you should get your fact straight. October 4, at 8: I was the star the Comcast class with Arise Monday. Arise told me in order for me to do that my IBO would have to drop me first. If anybody know of a different company other than arise please let me know.

September 1, at 4: Secondly, I find it extremely disturbing that Arise, the corporation itself, will not step in and handle agitative problems such as mine regarding IBOs and agents wanting to separate, especially when the agent has reached out countless upon countless times to the IBO and the IBO literally ignores all methods of requests. I also find it disturbing that you all the corporation cannot and will not go into your system and remove an agent when the agent is not getting the attention they need from IBOs.

That being said, what is it going to take in order for you as the corporation to reach out to that IBO, have her remove me from her system so that I can re-sign up with another more professional IBO that responds and interacts rapidly with agents? Do I need to intervene the court system, in which I do not want to have to do because I am wanting a work-from-home career not ongoing constant trouble with an IBO who does not respond and ignores agents at all cost.

When trying to reach out to her on her website chat portal — someone instantaneously closed the chat box in mid chat as I was typing, which further indicates that they saw me typing, ignored me and failed to respond. I need another alternative as it relates to joining the other IBO. The present IBO I am with is no longer active or is simply too lazy to go into her system to remove agents upon their request, afraid of missing out and losing those monthly monetary benefits that agents pay to IBOs and to Arise.

Something needs to be done because she is prohibiting me from joining a more transparent and much more better IBO who interacts on a very frequent basis with their agents. Because after all, another disturbing point to make is that you all harbor agents Social Security Numbers in your system permanently but will not allow an agent to go into the portal on your website and physically let them cancel their own profile. That particular part of your policy needs to also change with respect to at least letting an agent cancel their profile completely out of your system and letting them recreate another in order to start over again if they are dissatisfied with an IBO like I am presently enduring.

May 15, at 1: Arise is a company that has top tier clients that demand high quality services for their customers.

During the last year, we have taken great pride in providing a level of transparency, support, better visibility, and better communications to our network of Independent Businesses and their Client Support Professionals.

Part of this demand for high quality from our clients will absolutely have an effect on lower performers. We contract via statements of work that reflect the same metrics that our customers have in their own brick and mortar contact centers. This means that performance metrics are part of the Statement of Work, and must be adhered to or the Client Support Professional could be removed from a program for non performance per client contract. This is no different than if an agent is working in a call center environment.

And Mb, there are expectations and metrics that must be met. Clients do not want a person on their account who did not perform well on another account. We have more than 25, active people in our network taking hundreds of thousands of calls. If you are not making your metrics, talk to your PF or the Client team to see if perhaps some of your metrics that are good would make you a better fit for a different client. September 23, at 7: Well, it is normal. October 17, at 1: There are even questions on the test that are no where in the study guide, I took screenshots of every page.

CSP and Arise is sort of a scam. I was in a class where someone from Detroit got suckered into Staples dollar training and failed. They scheduled my class at 9am est, but it just said 9am, so I could not function a 6am with my schedule so I had to drop out. Luckily it was only 50 bucks. The class had 60 people with ONE teacher and one assistant who really did not know much herself. I will be filing a complaint. They are in litigation in some states for pulling this kind of crap.

Arise is making more money failing people than succeeding them. The pay less than 10 bucks an hour 99 percent of the time does not equate to a fair wage after the initial investment. I had people tell me in training that their job lasted 3 months, and they were paying hundreds for the training again.

I had more computer experience than most people in my class, and was actually teaching the teachers, because they mad it MORE difficult. One instructor was VERY rude and condescending. Now they are pulling a scam about sucking you in to make money getting people to do background checks…check out this clandestine ad. They are pulling a wannabe pyramid scheme now. October 17, at 2: In an example of the bullshit training, I asked the instructor if we will hear or take live calls in the training.

What kind of an ass backwards company expects you to keep your metrics up immediately after training. Plus the instructor never even answered any emails. May 15, at 3: I took the opportunity to re-read this blog and wanted to try to begin addressing some areas that you called out. Time prevents me from doing the entire blog, but let me hit the ground running…. Willow paid a fair wage and treated agents well.

Arise and Willow are one and the same company. We have been in business since and continue to be providing services to over 25 clients, all companies in the Fortune But after all of the money paid out and a few weeks or months of unpaid training, Arise tells an many of them to go away. In actuality, we are VERY transparent about what are requirements are to provide services for Arise clients — http: Arise revenues are based on what our clients are paying to Arise for services and not what our agent community pays.

Background checks are not paid to Arise, but are processed directly thru a third party provider. These are required by each of our clients. Certification for a client program is an investment, but because this is a business to business opportunity, it is a small investment to be able to then service clients.

There is no other business that you can be up and running providing service to clients and generating revenue in as little as 30 days. We have a performance based model, called the Star Program. Top performers have the ability for first pick of hours as they open.

The ensures that the quality our clients care about are the key focus. Everyone who performs at Star level has the ability to pick and choose hours that fit their schedule first. And if someone has been in certification and a class is canceled due to our client not forecasting correctly, we refund the certification cost and in addition provide a voucher to cover the cost of another client program that is available. Arise does not control nor can control what transacts between and Independent Business Owner and their contracted agent.

And yes, we only pay for productive minutes time on the phone which is clearly spelled out. Arise must talk to client systems, and clients systems vary across the board. It is imperative that any contracted servicing agent has the right technology prior to commencing servicing to ensure there is not any system issues.

Arise has clearly outlined in our Master Services Agreement that in-home audits may occur from time to time. This is signed and agreed to before anyone begins servicing with Arise. And finally, you said: The BBB does not take any money and does their own due diligence on each company.

Their ratings are based on the number of complaints out of the total number of customers. Seriously, if you have no relationship nor contracted with Arise, I invite you to come partner with us. You have my contact information and I would love to have you actually experience providing service for our clients, generating revenue for yourself and your business.

Once you do, i would then invite you to write an actual POV blog from your own experiences. We are a very real company with an incredibly passionate team of people that are here to help. November 4, at 6: November 5, at 3: March 19, at October 17, at I am about to start Training with Arise.

The BBB is paid. They are not paid to give a good rating but for general membership. I know because my business is a member. I have worked for arise for a year and took 3 different classes. I paid over dollars. I went to school for many weeks and had the worst teachers possible. They were nasty gave you the answers to the tests because they train horribly. Then decide to do an experiment on your class by putting you out there early.

The first calls they cut you. There are no hours available and you have to get 30 mins here and there are percent correct. My ibo stoles lots of money from me. Both of them I have had two ibos.

We pay for this out of our own pockets money for out families because the economy is bad and there is no work. They money is non refundable and there is no way to get justice. I ended up making less than Min wage and arise is a percent a scam making prophet off the little people. January 9, at 2: Wow thank you for sharing. I was just getting ready to invest. I already did the background check but these reviews. I do not want to be scavenging for hours….. May 23, at June 1, at 5: I wasted ten months of my life and hundreds of dollars teaming up with Arise.

Then I was accidently fired during a mass termination. No sooner was I back at my job for less than a couple of weeks, I was fired again. For not showing up at work during the time I was fired!!! However everything else was above average and my sales were at the proper spot during the first firing. Not even telling me what I did wrong!!!

June 2, at 1: Numerous new ADT agents that literally just began taking calls 6 weeks ago did not have their SOW contract renewed yesterday. Firstly, we were poorly trained and forced to sit for 4 hours per day for 13 days straight with no compensation for training. Their systems constantly froze and if their system crashes, unless it is a global event, your metrics are impacted and then your contract is not renewed. This is unfortunate because you often would spend up to 3 or 4 hours waiting in que on tech support to fix an issue that has nothing to do with your computer but with their faulty software systems they use.

And yes, I said up to 4 hours. Imagine if you are suppoed to be on the phone with a client taking calls during the 3 to 4 hours and then when you ask to have the time excused they do not issue an exception. This is what happened to me and to thousands of other agents no longer with Arise. I have been with Arise for years and it has changed for the worst since they brought on a new CEO. I am sad to report this company has now turned into a scam.

There are no warnings and not even an email giving you a warning. You just wake up and realize your contract was not renewed. I was actually lucky that my training just lasted for 40 hours of which you are not compensated. Other clients can take up to two months or hours or over to train with no compensation.

Arise then turns around after you spend two months in training and offers you a stupid two month contract and then purposely terminates you to bring in a new flock of new agents just out of class. They too will fall victim to the same fate as the class before them that got conned. They too will get a two month contract and in the meantime they have another ongoing class so when the new agents that just started this week are terminated next month, they already have a new class of new agents waiting.

This cycle continues throughout the year. The sad part is the companies that contract with Arise are not aware that because of the mass recycling of agents every two months, their customers that call into customer service are being serviced by mostly rookies who did not get have proper training. Meanwhile agents are out hundreds of dollars when you include things required to service. As I stated I have been with Arise for years and up until 4 years ago, I would have recommended Arise to a friend or family member.

I would not dare do it now. Just check out the class action suit they just settled with agents this past January for over a million dollars and trust me there will be more to come. They are just too crooked. The CEO that was on this site is a big liar and he is afraid agents will again stand up and take their crooked selves to court and that day will soon come once more.

Stay away from this company. I have heard good things about Live Ops. They have contacted me and I will join them. July 28, at I had a very similar experience as you earlier this year. Now they marked my file so I cannot attempt to contract with another client — like I would even want to at this point after all the aggravation.

Prior to this recent experience, my metrics were spot on. It was just ridiculous. June 7, at 2: I have worked at Arise for over 5 years, working right now actually. I work for Disney and have worked several others. I make around 12HR and make my own schedule every week. If you would like to get started or some information feel free to email me: June 27, at Yes I am professional actually.

I work nights after they go to bed and early before they wake up and spend all day with them. So you can think what you want, have fun at work tomorrow while your kids are in Daycare Sorry have to get back to work now! March 15, at 9: Miranda, do you know what happends if your dont get renewed for your SOW?

March 16, at 9: June 28, at 2: Amazing how you work all night and stay up all day, you must have a lot of stamina. Cognitive deficits begin to set in well before the levels of sleep deprivation you describe. July 3, at 8: Plenty of moms actually work 8 hr days and then drive an hour home to take care of the kids. My mom did it for nearly twenty years. Our working mothers loved it. True it was mostly customer service emails — but the concept is the same.

In fact, it takes more discipline to work from home than it does to work in an office. I for one am glad that we live in an age where technology allows people to work from home.

As technology advances, opportunities like this will become more the norm. March 11, at Wow you are definitely the know it all, always has to be right, every conversation is based on winning guy who is unable to fathom that others are able to multi-task better than himself.

If you have kids idk what kind you have but there are plenty of kids who sleep through the night. Mine started at 6 weeks. The majority of American women do it every day. August 25, at 8: October 28, at 1: Miranda, Thank you for your comment.

Approximately, what is the total cost to do arise? I am only planning to do it part time. April 23, at 3: Arise is nothing but a scam. June 15, at 9: Hi Miranda — I was with Arise from the inception. My last client was in 2 years ago. I am IBO — I had 1 csp she left for a medical career. Congratulations on having CSP. As per the Guide it is left up to me.

How did you recruit so many CSP, despite the negatives i am reading online. Pl respond if you my. September 28, at 4: June 23, at 6: I was an IBO for 18 months accepted a flat rate supervisor position halfway that payed less than I earned as a representative.

The management team for my account was mainly Hispanic and there were rumors of race favoritism and other shenanigans. The lead Performance Facilitator was a joke, ridiculous background, implemented an incentive program that clearly had a reverse impact on motivation, had difficulty with the English language and little to no management ability whatsoever.

June 27, at 9: I have to say that I find it very odd that you are posting this statement when you have never even dealt with arise or serviced for them.

I have been partnered with Arise for over 7 years and worked for a major cruise line for them. I have loved every minute of being at home and working from the comforts of my home office. Arise is not an employment opportunity, it is a business opportunity. Everything is clearly spelled out as to what is expected of you when you read the Master Service Agreement as well as your SOW statement of work for the company that you choose.

How well you do is up to you. Are there issues sometimes? Yes there are as with any company, is there slow times? Yes there are just as in a brick and morter position, that is why you look into getting working with a couple different clients so that you can make sure that you are getting the hours that you need to get.

I agree with Ken in saying join arise and service a client and then form your opinion. You cannot form an opinion when you have not had the opportunity to service with Arise. Have some people had bad experiences?

I am sure they have, but it could also be due to their IBO not necessarily with Arise itself. I have over contractors that contract with me to service with arise, and I think if you set people up for success and are able to answer questions and get the issue resolved whatever that may be then the experience turns from a negative to a positive.

Thats just my 2 cents worth! I have some advice for you people who want to knbow about Arise. Go to the website of Arise and read it. The guy who was complaining about unpaid training should have done that. Those of you who have the sense to do your own due diligence are just the type of people who will be happy with Arise.

If you get your information at at a blog like this you will always find them populated by disgruntled people. Dont listen to me, Matt, Ken or the guy who called Ken a liar ……find out for yourself. The angry folks who post here do not have YOUR interests at heart.

Oh yes, I have partnered with Arise. August 23, at 9: As for what is true, take the word of those who have failed. They failed and they look to blame someone else. Arise has never chaeted and has alway kept its side of the agreement. If you meet your metrics, you will be happy. Arise is NOT for everyone. If you are willing to work hard and are a self-starter your chances of success are greater than those who think all they need to do is show up.

Arise is a competitive environment and not everyone will find it to their liking. I have to address the preposterous assertion that Arise makes money by training people. That is simply nt true. I know what instructors make and I know what students pay.

Training is NOT a money maker. While its true that some instructors are better than others, its also true that good students, willing to work hard will always overcome the effects of a bad instructor. Oh yes, call me an Arise employee paid to say good things is something people say who cant rely on facts to make their point. Thank you for all of the comments. Since there are so many passionate people posting, perhaps one of you would be kind enough to answer a question for me?

I requested a clarification on this after Ken made his statements, but then he went silent. We contract via statements of work.

I have seen Arise brag that they offer American jobs, yet I continue to hear about agents who are working for less than minimum wage, and with no employment benefits. June 28, at Been with them for 5 years and we have over people working under our corp and most make more the minimum wage. Miranda, you are out numbered here. Matt wants to get the lawyers involved and readthisshit wants to parce words to get the government involved.

If Arise is breaking laws, they should be called to account. I hope I would simply move on with my life and not make a crusade out of it. If Matt gets his lawsuit going, even if he wins, he wont get a thing. The lawyers will get it all. What a terrible waste of time but I know the feeling. You want someone to hurt and feel the pain you feel. I am sure Arise had its reasons for what happened to Matt and if pressed by lawyers, will put it out there.

Whats the point Matt? There will always be those who feel wronged and many are justified and we live in a country that encourages people to take all of their problems to lawyers.

Miranda, good luck with your business and Matt, I wish you luck in whatever you choose to do. Put your Arise experience behind you and be happy. Arise is party to a class action suit in California. December 22, at 5: April 19, at Miranda, I am confused by all of your statements. You say you work for Disney, and then you say you you work for Apple. So you are working 3 jobs, and taking care of your kids all day?

Also why does your email have ariseenrollment in it? It seems like you are just working for Arise. That to me is understandable. October 20, at 2: Add to that your phone bill, internet bill, ohhhhh and what else? Come on Miranda, you know what else. Then you pay for your utilities that you have to use to even work this program. And then pay fees to your IBO.

Are you guys following me here? But is it even worth it? Unless you have a POTS line you will have to either change your service or get new service. Really fun to do in this digital age. And whatever happened to people having to call into a Florida line to work? Did that ever happen? And just to add the icing on the cake, not only is your training unpaid, but you PAY for that training. January 22, at 9: Are you really complaining that you have to pay your household bills??

If you want to work at home, this is what it is. You want them to send you all the equipment and pay your household bills too? The training is hard. The systems are hard. The hours are long. The pay scale can be confusing. Tech issues are rampant. Every day I went to class during training, there were fewer and fewer people there because the training was long, the systems were hard… customer service is not an easy job.

All of these issues that I see people having are the same as the place I contracted through and that company is loved almost universally by contractors on every review site there is. I loved that job. January 22, at 3: I think you missed the point, by about a mile. When you get over the honeymoon phase of being taken advantage of by these employers get back to me. I still work from home and guess what? Yes, they do exist. I trained on the job and yes I still pay for cable and phone. So you pay them to have the job their fee.

You pay them to train you for this job. So out of that ten bucks you are paying their fees and the cost of equipment to do the job. So in essence you are not making 10 bucks an hour, you might be clearing minimum wage.

January 22, at 4: There were no fees with the company I was with before either. I worked there almost a year before my PC failed. My point is, some of the things being complained about here are just BS. They are not specific to Arise, obviously. I have been doing freelance transcription, data entry, copyediting, proofreading, etc. Before that, I ran my own brick and mortar business for years.

From what I can see, the only real make money with Arise is to become an IBO and have other agents under you. Which is kinda, like, what they tell you up front, from what I can see. But you should probably accept that not everyone has had the same experience as you have had.

January 23, at I bet if you ask most people who had a terrible experience, that is who they serviced. I have serviced them, too. I did not find it terrible but it was definitely hard. Things — big things — change every single day and you have no warning at all. You can literally be offering the customer something, go into the offers and find that in the last 15 minutes, things have changed AGAIN and it is no longer offered at that price, etc. I could give you tons of examples; one day we were told that selling is not a priority, the next day we are told we have a sales quota and must complete a sale on every call.

One day we are offering 1gb data for a certain price, the next day we are not offering it at that price, a few days later we are not offering it at all, and then in a week we are offering it again. People call in very angry because their friend JUST GOT a certain plan that they want but we have to tell them it is not being offered anymore for that day, at least.

You are told never to doubt their info base and to always follow it but you are often told information or procedures which contradict it. The reps are often accused of being stupid or badly-trained for not knowing for sure what is going on but the truth is, it changed every single day almost. Most people would have a problem keeping up to date in that situation. The multiple systems like 5 that you have to use are very slow and tech problems are rampant.

January 23, at 1: I enjoyed Rogers too. When they lost the Rogers contract I went to Disney and about that same time they made the changes with higher fees and the Florida call in number.

After looking closely at what I was bringing in vs spending I realized it was just not worth it. Here was my big issue, again the fees. There was no justification for the fees. They did not take out taxes, offer any type of employee benefit or even have the ability to help you if you were part of an IBO Arise, that is.

But because you were a contractor they made you pay a fee. How do I know? Look at what Arise pays people to do Apple Care. And then go through Apple themselves for at home workers and see what their pay is. There are better options where you are being paid what you are worth, not what Arise will try to convince you that you are worth. Sin, I think maybe you and I agree more than we disagree here. We are just coming at this topic from different angles, and mine is from being taken advantage of by this company while I was desperate to take care of myself and my children.

I was a contractor after all. January 23, at 9: If you were miss-classified by Arise as a contractor you need to get in touch with an attorney, the only reason they are able to take advantage of some many is because so few speak up! I would file against Arise if I was in your situation. April 10, at 3: February 25, at 9: March 19, at 7: Arise did offer me the Staples course and at the end of a 2. I was contracted with them and received about 1 or 2 calls per hour. During the servicing we were required to transfer the patient to the MD Live call center which most of the time would take up to 20 minutes of waiting with the patient on hold.

Move on to the next episode with Arise.. The support techs streamed into my 3 year old computer and completely wiped my hard drive clean. I had to pay for a new Windows 7 to be reinstalled. Arise has denied any fault in this, of course and said my computer no doubt had a corrupted version of Windows I have written to all the appropriate people about my complaints and I have heard nothing. October 15, at 1: Officer of the courts in various positions, cleared to access files.

I could go on… I think you get the idea, I can pass a background check of any type, or so I thought. I became disabled from an injury due to to something much like waterboarding. Someone told me Arise would be perfect for me. I apply for disability and come across various programs to get the disabled jobs. No mention of credit checks as background checks, or screening of any kind, as to why someone is declared disabled i.

How can a working person compete against that? June 28, at 3: There are many responsibilities that come along with getting set up, but we have to remember, Arise as a company is not looking to employ you, but to build a business relationship with you. If you have contracted with Arise directly, then you knew that you were operating your own business, and it costs to be the boss. We use employees and contractors alike within our company.

I will tell you the difference in the two. We pay for our employees training. We tell them how much to work, and when to work. We can fire them, we can keep them working.

If Arise has had to let go of any, They are typically very patient with those people not showing up for posted hours, having children and dogs in the background, etc. I have to be honest. When you work any regular job, you are required to call in, etc. If you no call no show, then that is it. I cannot think of many companies who tolerate this kind of behavior. With Arise, I have seen that the time that you are picking up your metrics, which would not be a problem for any half responsible person, let alone a professional- which is what you clearly agreed to be.

If you own a store, then how can the store make money if you do not come and open its doors and let the people in to purchase things? If the things the people shop for are not there, then they wont come at all. If the person did not contract with arise and get paid from Arise, but through another company working with Arise, then that is who should be taking the heat for poor business practices.

Most of the clients have many hours, and only during slow periods the hours slow down. Heck all you have to do to make pre-select is show up at work, and do your job. I hardly think that is something unreasonable to ask of the people we depend on to keep our business running.

I am sorry to see such a review about Arise, as the company has provided so many opportunities for so many people. Yeah, you keep eating the crap they are putting on your plate. Partner with you my butt. You are NOT in any way your own business. June 29, at 2: The story never published for reasons that become clearer every day. Arise is taking on water and slowly sinking into the unknown, as America falls further behind in every measurable category.

We are now 27th in median income on the global stage. Of course there will always be exceptions. Look at me now, earning much more than the median household income after arise forced me into a shelter, and the streets of Houston for a few days last year. July 6, at Miranda works for Arise Enrollment. We were paid per call and if a guest is calling to make dining reservations for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 weeks and they have no idea where they want to dine, you are stuck on that call for 45 minutes to an hour.

Miranda mentioned on her first post her email is wahariseenrollment. Did Ken send you along with your other trolls like Thomas to stalk this website? Get off from here both of you! She is an insider. July 12, at 7: Can anybody possibly direct me to any other, decent, work from home opportunities? July 24, at 2: I had a similar experience as Breaking News.

They marked my filed to the point that I cannot get on with another client. I spent more time and money on this horrid adventure and would highly recommend that anyone thinking about contracting with Arise to have their head examined. They are nothing more than a training mill taking desperate people for enrollment fees to take poorly conducted classes none of them adequately prepare me for any of the clients I serviced geared toward a high failure rate.

What does that tell you? They will find any excuse in the book to terminate you even when your metrics and attendance are spot on and constantly tell you how replaceable you are. After all the fees and expenses, I never made over minimum wage by the end of any given month. So what I did not have to pay for gas to go to work.

September 11, at I agree with Miranda! The same ones who were making fun of me for taking it serious and helping others practice. Sore losers always complain and get let behinds in society! If you making minimum wage for any Client your IBO is chump changing you. September 13, at 4: No wonder Arise has an endless supply of suckers. September 13, at 8: October 1, at People run home businesses every day all over the world and very professionally I might add.

It does not matter if it is at home or or in a building, if a bad worker wants to drink on the job they will. November 7, at 9: I service for Arise currently. They bilk you out of hundreds of dollars to take thier courses in order to service their clients.

Then they put you in nesting for another 3wks or so. The big kicker is when you go into production, their are no hours put in starmatic for you. They released hrs for people coming into production but their expectation is for you to work a min of 20 hrs.

While I am not a math major, i can do the math on this. Also Arise says that you can work around your life. This is not true the only release pm hours for you to work. They constantly move the metric higher so you cannot meet them. They then pull your sow. Bring in the next bunch of suckers so that the influx of money never stops for them.

You can only send emails to partner support not that that helps either. If you must go to tech during your scheduled hours it does effect your metrics. Today alone i spend 5hrs waiting to get assisted by tech support. As far as, the classes go they are a joke because when you have completed the class you know very little of what you actually need in order to assist their clients. She would not do any demostrations of the systems. They give self paced classes and send you out to breakout rooms to practice on each other but how can you practice when you do not understand they system in the first place.

As i said you are set up to fail so Arise can keep the money train coming in with new suckers. November 8, at 1: Can someone comment on the available hours and SOW for Amazon? My email is airsangel yahoo. November 8, at 2: There are plenty of hours for it before it starts. Arise will promise you anything to get your money when you sign up. It is a shame about Amazon they were a really good company with good customer service, but Arise will fuck it up pretty quickly for them.

November 12, at 6: ARISE is giving you opportunities that would not be available, otherwise. Usually, every few weeks or so, Arise offers discounts on their CSP course, as well as discounts to certify for a client sometimes little to no cost.

For example, near the end of October, they were offering CSP for free. This is no different. If you do not have the funds to become incorporated, you can join an existing corporation in the ARISE network, which is what I did, and those are free to join.

Like I said earlier, you get out of it what you put into it. November 12, at November 13, at 6: November 23, at Please dont respond or get involved in any kind of way. Please read my comment below. Have a blessed day. November 19, at 3: I was previously employed with Arise and it was the most horrible experience ever! The company contacted me to work for them while I was searching for a job on indeed.

I was in desperate need of work being a mother of four and full time student, this seem like the perfect opportunity for me. But unfortunately it quickly backfired on me. And this went on for about two weeks until my mother was contacted by her bank that theses checks are counterfeit! I contacted to company to let them know and they did nothing! Now my mother is facing prosecution for the funds because it was her account.

Please keep us in your prayers and have a blessed day. February 25, at 5: Jess, Let me start by saying I too am debating on whether or not to join Arise so I have to vested interest one way or the other. I told my friend it was a scam its just common sense to employer sends you money without you doing any work and says to cash the check and keep some and send them back some, that notion is ridiculous. Even though I pleaded with him not to cash it he did and the bank told him it should clear by the next day and when he went back to the bank he was arrested, and is still currently fighting his charges even with letter that was mailed to him.

My rule is If it sounds to good to be true, Run! Hell if anything it would seem like they would sooner charge you for your own office supplies lol. Just be more careful and know that that is not the only scam out there P. Not sure where you live but if youve fallen on hard times there are places like Community Action Partnership and lutheran Social Services and many Catholic Charities that help pay rent and utilities if you fall on hard times and if you live in the state of California you can dial from a landline to find further assistance.

Good luck and God bless. December 13, at 7: I have been an IBO with Arise for over 2 years now. Before Arise I worked outside the home in a call center so I understand the metrics deal. If you are new to call center work then it may be a different experience. I must say that Arise is legit. Have you always liked all of your employers? If it was a scam then I would not even be wasting my time. Contact me at deezpsllc aol. Way to go recruiting from the people arise has screwed.

Arise is a scam and the ibos steal from you and lie to get you hooked they take more than 10 percent of your pay more like I have worked for arise for 1 year and every class was horrible and they teachers are nasty and in the end you are not making 11 dollars and hour at all. After you get your sad check you have to pay taxes on it which leaves you unable to survive. December 5, at 1: Something does not feel right.

December 16, at 4: Hey all, some disappointing comments here to be sure. I wonder, does anyone have a copy of the final test answers for CSP? December 27, at 4: Just wanted to thank this blog for helping me decide not to bother with this one. I have worked in a call center and seen how it can be a harsh environment for those who do not already possess the right skills and experience.

However some of the comments above have convinced me that there is more to it than that, even taking into account the added problems Arise must face dealing with remote workers, global economy etc. In particular, technical problems caused by their systems described by theresa which they do not deal with in a way that is satisfactory for an agent business owner especially if it is then used as basis for terminating contract.

If it is not actually a scam it looks like a business out of of control. January 1, at This blogger is on point! I just finished training with Arise for Disney Web Support answering emails at 85 cents per email.


Arise offers a unique virtual technology and support platform that makes it easy for anyone to operate their own micro call center business straight from home. Thousands of people are using the Arise Platform to enjoy a more fulfilling work-life balance while earning steady, solid revenue from the comfort of home. about Work from Home. Click Image to Learn More The Arise Platform leverages a virtual global network of call centers, a state-of-the-art suite of cloud-based technology offerings and performance-enabling processes, to reach the next level of outsourced customer service performance. Industry Solutions. Trusted by World-Class . At one time, Arise virtual Solutions was an upcoming opportunity, and one of the pioneers of work-from-home businesses. Formerly known as Willow, Arise slowly but surely started downsizing their work-from-home agents, to hire more agents/5().