Legit Work-from-Home Websites - and the Scams

This work best for small towns where there are many recognizable landmarks. What are the st How are the working hours? If someone hears your ad three times, they are likely to remember your business. Therefore, spots during the morning and evening commute will cost more than spots late at night.

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What is the dress code? Answer incoming calls, and make outgoing calls to relay messages to the appropriate person based personalized business guidelines. What is the interview process like? Transcriptionist Transcription for Everyone 5 reviews.

Transcriptionist salaries in Remote Learn more about working at Transcription For Everyone Transcription For Everyone questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process: What hours do you have available to work? Flexible or set hours? Transcriptionist - Transcription For Everyone. Manage daily operations including but not limited to: What is the vacation policy like? How many vacation days do you get per Can you work from another state? Plano, Texas - Medical City Plano.

You will be addressing any questions or concerns a customer may have. GlassDoor - 19 hours ago - save job - more Receive and process incoming phone calls for clients, which includes obtaining, entering, and verifying customer information e.

Customer Service Representative - Transcriptionist. Customer Service Representative salary - Transcriptionist salary. ACG offers a wide variety of careers! Customer Service Representative salaries in United States.

Based on , salaries. Customer Service Representative salaries by company in United States. Every day, thousands of employers search Indeed.

Be the first to see new Work At Home jobs. The best way to compare the cost of radio advertising and music streaming advertising is through CPM or cost to reach 1, people. Radio advertisements are typically 30 to 60 seconds long. On the other hand, online streaming services like Pandora and Spotify offer 15 to 30 second spots. This means that your ads need to present all vital information in half the time compared to traditional radio ads. As discussed above, there are several daytime and primetime slots that you can target when doing ads on the radio.

Instead, you can focus on targeting your audience based on options provided by the streaming service like playlists and genres. Similarly, you can add a link to your website directly on a music app, which allows your audience to quickly act on your message.

Like every advertising medium, there are pros and cons to advertising on the radio. Below, we details the benefits and challenges of radio advertising:. Despite the proliferation of on-demand services, radio is still a very powerful medium to advertise to a wide range of customers and age groups.

With an adequate marketing budget and the information detailed in this post, you can use radio to effectively boost your marketing strategy and bring more business in! There are so many variables to making radio work. What you say in your ads is most important. Along with the strategy behind each of your ads in a campaign.

I think this article could confuse the crap out of beginners. A business owner needs to find a radio rep they can trust good luck. Radio works best for long-term branding, and it will only work if the message is right telling an engaging story within the ads.

Hi Duane, Thanks for sharing your experience. We had a client of ours use upwork to find someone who did a pretty cool recording for them. Radio ads work great with the right message, clear, straight to the point. We work with radio advertisers all the time because they use us a resource for memorable telephone numbers.

Hi Thandiswa, Consider choosing one that reflects your own business values. Suggesting Fivver for commercial voice overs is commendable, however, most, if not all of the voice talents tack on extra fees if the voiceover is to be used to sell or advertise products on a for profit radio station.

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Visit Fiverr In this article, we will discuss radio advertising in detail, including costs, and show you how to create your first radio advertisement. When Radio Advertising is Right for Your Small Business Some small businesses fare better advertising on the radio than others, but advertisers can expect an average of Nielsen Since traditional radio reaches a wide audience, businesses like telco providers and department stores generally have more success doing radio advertising since they offer services that cater to all demographics.

When Not to Use Radio Advertising If you are in a niche market, it is probably not in your best interest to advertise on the radio.

These include 15 spots from Monday-Friday and 5 spots on the weekend: Here are brief definitions of useful radio advertising terms from Nielsen: Demand for an ad spot amongst advertisers A radio advertising spot is not guaranteed, and usually goes to the highest bidder. Special Events and Occurrences There is a chance of prices changing depending on what events are occurring around town.

Best Stations and Times to Advertise Best Stations to Advertise On One of the first steps to radio advertising is deciding what station s you want your ad to run on. The station should have a breakdown of their listeners based on the following criteria: Gender Age Income Location Once you have narrowed down which stations have an audience that matches up with the customer base of your business, you will have a better idea of which stations you will want to advertise on.

The different time slots you can choose from are as follows: Some music stations gain audience as listeners use radio for background noise during work. Food and entertainment advertisers tend to seek this time out for advertising. With the exception of 7 PM — 8 PM, the audience tends to be much smaller than the daytime.

Go with the 60 second commercial. Decide How Often You Want Your Ad s to Play Frequency is the number of times your ad is heard by an individual person, while reach is the amount of people that hear your ad.

How to Create a Radio Ad There are a few different options when it comes to creating your radio ad: Have the station create the ad for you Sometimes the station will offer to create your ad for you at no cost. Pay for a professional radio commercial production company They can help you with the script, selecting a voice, music, recording, and effects. Hire a freelancer If you already have your script, you can hire a freelance voice actor through platforms like Fiverr to record your commercial for you.

Create the ad yourself Unless you have experience with voiceover acting, you probably want to steer clear of this option. Using the Radio Host to Promote your Business When negotiating your advertising deal with the radio station, find out if live reads of ads are available.

This option has several benefits: Listeners tend to tune out commercials or change the station when a commercial comes on.

When the host reads, it is a voice that listeners recognize, and therefore are more likely to pay attention to it. Live reads can provide credibility to a product, implying that the host endorses the product. The Elements of a Good Radio Ad Keep in mind that radio listeners will not be listening to your advertisement in the same way that you will.

This has a few important implications: You need to repeat anything that is important several times throughout the advertisement. If you want the listener to remember anything specific, like a promo code or phone number, you need to make it very easy. For phone numbers, for example, a vanity number will work best ex: This work best for small towns where there are many recognizable landmarks. Stick to one message, and have a clear call to action of what you want the listener to do at the end of the ad i.

Here are some more pro tips: How to Measure the Success of Your Radio Ads Measuring if offline marketing efforts are successful is considerably more difficult than measuring online efforts. Use a call tracking number You can create a number that is different from your everyday number. Ask your customers If you are able to consult with customers one-on-one, ask any new clients how they heard about you.

Measure sales during advertising period The easiest way to see if your ads are working is to simply see if your sales have gone up over the period of time that your ad was running.

Music Streaming vs Traditional Radio Advertising On-demand radio and music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify are growing in popularity.

Reach Traditional radio often cover a specific market, usually a city or a state. Targeting Capability Similar to other forms of digital advertising, online streaming services have powerful targeting tools that radio stations simply do not have. Cost The best way to compare the cost of radio advertising and music streaming advertising is through CPM or cost to reach 1, people.

Ad Length Radio advertisements are typically 30 to 60 seconds long. Ad Slot As discussed above, there are several daytime and primetime slots that you can target when doing ads on the radio. The trick is knowing the difference. Working online from home is increasingly popular in this economy. Some offer legitimate opportunities, while others should be avoided. Scammers often take out ads promising big bucks for working at home. Much of the time, says Lewis, the come-ons are lies.

On "The Early Show" Friday, Lewis showcased some sites you may not know about that could bring in some dough. She told where to look, the do's and don'ts, and how much you can reasonably expect to make. Plus, she had some important "red flags" to watch for. We've all done our share of Googling - and now you can actually get paid to search for answers for ChaCha. There are currently 62, ChaCha guides nationwide.

It's an attractive part-time gig for night owls in particular, as well as college students and retirees. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection to apply to become a guide. Not everyone can be a guide. There are entrance tests and limited opportunities. If you're lucky enough to be one of the 10 percent of applicants accepted, you'll go to "Search University" and then quickly be on your way to earning points for each search or task you complete.

Points convert into cash at end of month. While this is not designed to be a primary revenue source, ChaCha tells us most guides make a few hundred dollars per month.

Virtual Concierge or Customer Service Rep. Become a virtual concierge or customer service representative helping people plan travel, find home improvement contractors, etc.

This is growing trend in this economic climate. In fact, VIP Desk tells us they're recruiting now with plans to add hundreds more people to their network with a mix of independent contracting and part- and full-time opportunities. It is competitive, but fantastic work for people who live in remote locations or who are juggling child- or elder-care responsibilities.

Approximately half of their Brand Ambassadors are bilingual, so if you speak multiple languages, you may really have a leg up. When you sign up, you get a schedule weekly or biweekly with your assignments. The work varies by season, since many retail clients -- including Eddie Bauer and Bluefly -- use VIPDesk to field customer service calls.

Right now, ServiceMagic is gearing up for all the people who will be looking for Spring cleaning and home improvement efforts. They generate leads for contractors, plumbers and the like. Rather than taking the calls directly, while they're out on a job, VIP Desk customer service reps serve as their frontline.

This site is the new way to work for many small businesses with fewer than employees. Monthly hiring is up roughly 40 percent year-over-year. They're not looking to hire someone in two weeks or two months -- odds are, they needs someone N-O-W. There have been over 35, jobs posted to the site in the past 30 days - everything from building Facebook apps to ghostwriting books, developing marketing materials, graphic design work and writing executive bios.

You submit a proposal for the work, get hired and agree upon terms and milestones. At the end, you submit your invoice and funds are released from escrow. This is key, because one of the things freelancers and e-lancers struggle with is getting paid and getting paid expeditiously.

So the fact that eLance provides a tool to facilitate this and that the project is funded up-front is significant benefit. As freelancing has traditionally been, e-lancing is great way to get a foot in door and build a reputation. You'll be rated on your work much like eBay's rating system for sellers. The more positive your rating, the more likely work is to come your way. Over time, some e-lancers pair up with other highly-rated e-lancers and bid on bigger, more profitable pieces of business.

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Radio Local Shop Legit Work-from-Home Websites - and the Scams. Share; Tweet Email NEW YORK -- Some work-at-home websites can actually work for you, while others are just scams that will. Oct 30,  · These days, many job opportunities don't require you to leave your home. FOX Business Network's Cheryl Casone reports on work-from-home opportunities in this edition of "Hired". Our free guide to radio advertising has the answers you are looking for. Home Improvement: 9: it’s amazing. The #1 element to making radio work is the AD MESSAGE. What you say in your ads is most important. Along with the strategy behind each of your ads in a campaign. I think this article could confuse the crap out of .