9 Chat Agent Jobs You Can Do From Home

They sometimes have openings for full-time chat agents to assist their users. Please see our disclosure policy for further information. Hi Rachal, We post daily job leads on this page: If you love shopping and love to work at home, this is a great opportunity. Yeah I live in Ecuador and Im from california. In fact, many of our site directors and operations managers began as customer service agents themselves!

While a lot of work-at-home jobs are phone-based, the Internet has opened up a new breed of customer service that does not require being on the phone. If you want to work from home but not on the phone, here are nine chat agent jobs you can do remotely.

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Chat Jobs From Home Apple Chat Jobs. Sedgwick does have an e-support (email support) and fax work at home position, although most of their at-home work is primarily phone-based. I did some reading though and apparently this e-support position is very hard to get in on. Do you love assisting people through online chat? Do you prefer customer service over sales? Do you have great communication skills? If your answer is yes, then you can work from home as a Chat Support Agent. Work from Home Chat Job If you don’t want a phone-based job but you can type quickly and accurately, this work from home job could be a fit. We’ve mentioned The Chat Shop in the past, and are posting again as the company continues to advertise openings and so many people are looking for chat gigs.