How to Connect My Home PC to My Office PC Via the Internet

Click "Start" from the system tray located at the bottom of the screen server. I can also hook up a wireless router after the broadband router and it will work. Accessing your work computer from home is more complex than accessing your home computer from another machine. Assignng on system outside the firewall.. Go to your IT website for the link to download the software and the instructions.

Sep 18,  · In my case, I can connect to my work computer from home even when my home PC is firewalled, no port forwarding, no DMZ. Just don't block outgoing traffic and you will be able to connect to a remote computer that is able to accept incoming traffic on port

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If you're connecting from afar, you'll need to forward the ports on your router so that you directly connect to your home computer from the internet. It takes a bit more initial setup, but you don. How to Connect My Home PC to My Office PC Via the Internet by Avery Martin Separating work from home has its advantages, but so does being able to access your work computer from home, which you can do using Windows Remote Connections. Accessing your Work Computer from Home: Remote Desktop This document provides instructions for using remote desktop, which allows you to connect to your work computer and access all of your programs, files, and network resources (like.