12 Tips On How To Work From Home As A Freelance Video Editor

Have 10 music videos that need editing must have a reel and example of work. Thank you for your interest and we are sincerely looking forward to hearing from you This is a work from home position with occasional training and meetings to be conducted in an office setting in Downtown Miami Please do not use hard drives for backup. Make me a concept video 6 days left.

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I mean, what if when I shipped the drive back the Fedex package was lost or damaged? I decided to buy into a storage system that met my needs, and I've been using these drives for years. The OWC Elite Pro minis hard drives are small, can be bus powered, aesthetically match my Apple products, and out of about drives I've purchased for myself, clients, and friends, I've never had a single one go bad.

I cannot recommend them enough. Much of my work has come from other video producers or repeat clients, where I edited a project once for them, possibly at their location, and was able to continue to work with them even after moving across the country. It was as easy as letting them know that I had the capabilities to work from home and that I could upload edits for them.

Besides the aforementioned, resources like Mandy. Google Drive or Box. They are free and get the job done. If you have your own FTP server for your website you can use that, and there are also services like Nimia. Producers have plenty of options for video editors, and for them to work with someone remotely you have to make it as easy as possible for them, and provide a quick turnaround.

This can mean working through the night to get a rough cut to them the next morning. If billing by the hour and not the project, I use a timer on my phone as a sort of digital punchclock.

You will bill accurately, but also get a great idea of how long it takes you to do edits, which will help you to quote jobs better in the future.

I do this all the time. On the hard drive your client sends you, create a folder labeled with your name and the project name. Inside it, subfolders separating music, graphics, project files, and everything else, will help keep things clean and organized for the guy who opens this up on the client end.

Vimeo is a very accessible place to watch videos from, and my clients can even download the file if they need to. Updating the video on vimeo with a new edit version takes just a click.

The Oatmeal created a comic that displays the pros and cons quite well. Mike Wilkinson is an award-winning video director with his company Wilkinson Visual, currently based out of Lexington, Kentucky. Mike has been working in production for over 10 years as a shooter, editor, and producer. His passion lies in outdoor adventures, documentary filmmaking, photography, and locally-sourced food and beer. Laptops now are a godsend. We finally live in an era where our laptops can give our desktop rigs a run for their money with little drop off in performance.

It blows me away when I think about how far we've come with technology and how much more energy efficient and powerful it's still becoming. Do you find USB 3.

I like the look of those drives, and the setup you have seems nice. But I would worry about editing from small externals using usb It is fast enough.

I edit on PC with Premiere Pro short films, commercials and even long films like weddings with multicams etc and it is fine. It does depend a little on what you are editing, if it is h. I can deal with codecs up to about 50mbps without much issue.

I haven't needed to do it lately, but I have done a batch process of big files into proxy files for quick editing, but that's going old school ;-. I would also add 2 points which I find are critical - first, use a tablet or tablet and mouse to break up the risk of repetitive strain injury.

It won't avoid it altogether but on longer projects, a tablet can be much better at least in my experience. Also, back up your project files to the cloud - especially on longer projects. If you spend some time on a project file only to have it get corrupted or damaged in some way, it can be a pain to back up.

Auto saving project files is great, unless you have a hardware issue with the computer. That way if you have a mirror drive with all the media, you're fully covered should the hardware go down. Also, since you mention a body health related tip, standing up while working has helped keep me from hunching and straining my back. Walter Murch also likes to stand, as he says editing video is like a dance.

Hi Reid, yes exactly. Thanks, you are the second video editor to recommend a tablet as a mouse input device. I will definitely get one soon. Because of that, i had to get proficient in vegas since i couldn't edit in premiere my love. So i would add, learn all the major nle's premier, fcp, vegas. You'll expand your potential work exponentially.

As a remote editor getting feedback from the client is one of the most difficult things to do. And the whole change this at some timecode mark or minutes and seconds is an annoying thing for clients to do.

I recently found http: Clients can comment and annotate directly on the video inline and it even creates a todo list for me as the editor! I thought this might help others out there: To know more about freelance video editor please visit to http: To know more about freelance video editor http: Please do not use hard drives for backup.

Will Share Links for Videos. Need to Create Video in Arabic Language. Small video editing job. Edit a video to be 5 mins. Video is shot in imovie. Need to complete NOW. Please state "i have read your brief" when responding. Looking for Freelancers to do a 2 min video review. Hello, I need a 1: I have a video which is blurry, I need it to be clearer along with screen shots I've take from the video that need to be clearer.

We are a new business with a relatively small budget. I have raw footage for making different foods. I have one that I have already done so you have a Needs to provide all Creatives, Ideaboards and Videos as required. Illustration, Photo editing and Video editing skills are a must. I am looking for a Video Editor for potentially a long-term relationship. I am interested in simple, good quality videos that tell a story, I will provide the script. And then after the story, I want to I have few videos and I need them very accurately Transcripted.

Very slow Audio and very clear. Rate is low and only bid if you agree to start now and get back to me in next few hours. Looking to hire someone very soon. I am going to record around 8 videos for potential clients.

I need my company logo to appear at the beginning, and for all of my contact details to appear at the end. We are a startup that needs high quality content pumped out hard and fast. We provide solutions, education and support for people undergoing surgery or skin trauma to help heal their skin and face the world faster. We are young, dynamic and looking for a motivated, creative genius with an aesthetic eye for good looking content.

Hello lovely workers, a person who can do this work given in above title. I have more work for future so it will be a long term business. Hi there, Saadman here. I am trying to help out students and recent graduates with finding a job in the corporate world. My goal is to teach students, the most useful networking methods using LinkedIn by making an effective and attractive online video course. I am looking for someone who can help me with making this online video course. I am looking for great low cost after effect person who can help me do an experimental art video.

This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details. I need to record around 50 videos each video min log for my owe going project of training, website design and development. We are looking for a video editor to edit wedding videos. This position requires the following: Need a promo video showcasing digital agency capabilities.

Customize Envato After Effects template. I want someone to help me to write a brief quotation and scope of work with formatting for video shooting and editing including the way to write quotation by hour or by day or be event.

I have an old instructional DVD. I want you to apply rotoscoping, color masking and replacing scenery to match a 2nd video I'll provide that is similar. The final result should make video 1 look exactly like video 2.

The attached image has the washed out video 1 on the left I need to produce a minutes video tutorial for my online software. We actually need more than this. I would like to get a quote for a 1minute to 2 minute video.

We are a new startup in the legal tech field. We require a short second animated video explaining our features and use purpose of our product. We have a particular design style we want to use and that link is below. We will need the freelancer to write the script and animate the video.

We will organise a voice over if required or we can simply have key words in the video. We need this comp Need video editors fluent in Adobe Prem.

I am seeking a professional video editor who can work with my company on an ongoing basis to create and edit videos that are to be posted on Facebook, Youtube and our website. Hi, I have a template for After effects,s but I don't have the knowledge for modify and addapt to my offers. I need a dessigner that can modify with my photos or logos and offers. You need to know basic video editing, Then upload on a website.

Dear Talents, We are looking for a team or an individual to do Language adaptation for ready English 2D animated videos into Urdu n Arabic, We have total 30 lesson, each lesson need to be adapted in 2 language for now Length of the video will be mins Most of the footages we have used from Youtube footages in the video coz of this reason length coming big but if you see animation tex


Home Video Editing jobs available on bisnissehati.tk Apply to Video Editor, Freelancer, Photo Associate and more! If you have the desire to work from home as an Editing professional, then consider applying for some of the contract, freelance, part-time and full-time opportunities here. To view and apply to any of the Will execute stages of video production from set design, editing, and filming. 1 - 2 years of video production exp. is needed. Light load of video editing, existing 2 minutes video, to be done in Adobe after effects, text editing, image editing, transitions, video and image insert, all instructions and media files provided, text editing should be in spanish, work needs to be completed in max. 3 days.