Work at Home? Your Employer May Be Watching

How does working from home affect your home life? Check our full roundup of the best antispyware applications for more ideas. However, the data also ended up revealing which waiters were the most productive. Therefore Internet activity monitoring is one of the most demanded monitoring features. You can also see when your computers are idle or being actively used, what software is being run, which websites are being accessed, when was the first and the last login and logout for the day and more. That means any message that an employee has sent, received, or saved on the system. Suppose you only have two employees.

With more business owners allowing employees to work from home or satellite offices, the need to make sure those workers stay on task and productive is growing. From the employee's perspective.

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As computer monitoring software WorkTime products show how exactly computers are being used, by who, for how long, and when.

One of the products in WorkTime family is WorkTime Personal Free — is a free computer monitoring software for self-monitoring. The software shows how you use your computer software, Internet, websites.

WorkTime is designed to monitor software usage. WorkTime works in the background and monitors automatically. With WorkTime you can see exactly how your employees use software. WorkTime reports answering the following questions: What software your employees use?

What software is being used on every computer? When any software was used and for how long? WorkTime monitors ANY software use, including software developed in-house. WorkTime is designed to monitor computer usage.

The software offers respectful computer monitoring at the workplace. It is designed for employee performance monitoring only, not offering any spying functions. With WorkTime you can easily see how workplace computers are being used, by whom and for how long. You can also see when your computers are idle or being actively used, what software is being run, which websites are being accessed, when was the first and the last login and logout for the day and more.

While working, employees perform many, various activities on company computers, such as accessing websites social network websites: Facebook, Twitter and more; shopping websites; online games, news, work-related websites , using software, working on documents and using remote desktop sessions Terminal, Citrix, Windows Remote Desktop Services.

WorkTime is computer activity monitoring software that automatically monitors all the above activities. With WorkTime you can monitor Internet activities by the employees.

Which websites do they visit, when, and for how long? Do they use Facebook or other Social Network websites like Twitter? Do they shop online, visit news websites, or play online games? All this information can be found in WorkTime Internet usage reports. Internet monitoring software helps increasing employee productivity. Internet monitoring software will either capture personal Internet usage or it will record time as unproductive.

If employees are informed about Internet use monitoring in the workplace, they tend to switch from their personal activities to the actual work duties.

WorkTime is employee monitoring software designed mainly for productivity monitoring. Recorded information and reports are intended to highlight any productivity issues within the company. Many of the factors, affecting productivity, can be easily monitored by employee monitoring software. Good attendance is one of the keys to a healthy workplace environment and to a good productivity as the result. WorkTime offers attendance monitoring reports, indicating the first and the last computer use, as well as employee login and logout times other Windows system events by employees are also recorded.

For a high productivity level, except the attendance monitoring, a very important factor is how productive employees are when already in the office. Good attendance does not guarantee good work when in the office. This feature is very useful when estimating how often employees are away from their computers for, may be, frequent tea and coffee breaks, chats with coworkers. Also, idle time monitoring function successfully covers the situations, when employees use their smartphones to read Facebook, to chat with friends, to browse the web.

Checking Facebook from a smartphone is a regular practice these days. This is when WorkTime idle time reports come very handy. And, of course, WorkTime offers Internet usage monitoring , including monitoring websites used.

Besides all the above mentioned, WorkTime offers software usage monitoring. The same employee also said being monitored was incredibly stressful. Unfortunately, many others have said the same. As this article in the Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management points out , "People, the employees, by nature generally tend to desire more freedom and less monitoring.

Many people and organizations are against monitoring the activities of people in the workplace. Ending up in hot water with the law is never good for business. But before you learn how to design an employee monitoring system that your employees will actually like, you need to learn how to design a legal one.

Also, despite the lack of federal laws, many states have established their own laws. On employer-owned phones, you can listen to what your employees are saying. Also, none of these rules apply to personal calls. Provide the tracking equipment. To learn more, take a look at this ebook covering the legal ins and outs of using employee monitoring software. To determine the best strategy for your business, there are multiple factors to consider.

Sarah is the CEO of a design agency. Sarah also regularly hires freelancers for one-time assignments. So, Sarah starts looking at employee monitoring systems. Will it help me avoid liabilities?

Hubstaff makes payment accurate down to the second, so it helps you avoid financial battles. Will it help with internal investigations or issue prevention?

Yes, because if a problem crops up with an employee, whoever manages that person will know immediately. As you can tell, this three-question framework will transform a seemingly tricky decision into a simple one. If your employees are constantly traveling to meet clients, using a GPS tracking system is probably the best choice.

The same goes for email, phone, and voicemail tracking. Basecamp also integrates with Hubstaff, which lets your employees track time to their Basecamp to-dos from within Hubstaff.

In other words, integrations let you effortlessly move data from one app to another—so time-consuming, repetitive tasks are automated, and none of your information gets stuck in one place. Integrations are extremely powerful.

Like we said, employee monitoring comes with its fair share of risks. Fortunately, following a couple of general guidelines will help you avoid every single one. In fact, you can even get your employees enthusiastic about using one of these systems. But getting it will make your life way easier: So, how do you get buy-in? First, prepare a presentation for your workers. In any case, you should have a detailed explanation of how this system will improve the business , and more importantly, how it will help your workers.

Nathan Watson of the Indiana University School of Law says the vast majority of businesses that monitor employees provide notice to those employees. The first feature—plain language—is especially important. If you find yourself using unnecessarily abstract or vague terms, rewrite the policy to make it more human. The Company has the capability to access, review, copy and delete any messages sent, received or stored on the email system.

The Company reserves the right to access, review, copy D- 10 or delete all such messages for any purpose and to disclose them to any party inside or outside the Company it deems appropriate.

To make sure nothing sketchy is happening via email which unfortunately is something we have to worry about , our company uses software that lets us open, read, copy, and delete any message that goes through the email system. That means any message that an employee has sent, received, or saved on the system.

We can also share these emails with anyone whether they work at this company or not. Anything you can do to facilitate the transition is worth doing. Are you using new software? Train your employees how to use it. Try to make the sessions fun and engaging. Or, your team is remote, so you promise Starbucks gift cards to the five team members who participate the most during the webinar.

Check out these 12 tips for an effective employee training program. Instead, ask for an alternative. You could respond, "Okay, I definitely understand that. And hey, if he has a different, better idea, then everyone wins!

Just out of curiosity, is there any way we could increase autonomy even more? Now, you know the various types of employee monitoring, its pros and cons, which type to use within your organization, how to stay within the law, what to consider about specific software, and how to get your workers on-board. Have you ruled out employee monitoring? Read here to see how to benefit from it in your business. Check out these eight critical tips on choosing remote working monitoring software in your business.

Products Blog Case Studies Support. What is Employee Monitoring? Thanks to modern technology, companies can monitor almost percent of employee activity and communication, including: Types of employee monitoring systems 2. The pros of employee monitoring 3. The cons of employee monitoring 4. How to choose a system 6. How to introduce your employees to the system 7. Less wasted time The typical full-timer is paid for 8 hours of work each day—but he or she is wasting between 90 to minutes.

Fewer errors As this Chron article points out , having more insight into what your team members are doing lets you catch mistakes before they spiral out of control. Increased security To see how employee monitoring makes your workplace safer, go back to the case in which tracking employee emails helped resolve a sexual harassment claim.

Less administrative work Administrative work is the bane of your existence, right? Back in , an employee whose company installed a camera in the workplace said: Weighing the pros and cons What if you could get all the pros of employee monitoring, without any of the cons?

When it comes to employee monitoring, there are several things you should be aware of. Phone calls On employer-owned phones, you can listen to what your employees are saying.

Will it help our business be more effective? Will it help our business avoid liabilities? Will it help our business with an internal investigation, or let us spot problems before they develop? Will Toggl improve the business? Assuming no one abuses it, yes.

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It’s always frustrating to work with people who don’t pull their weight, and an employee monitoring system will completely eliminate that. They’ll have extra motivation to focus: knowing you get paid for minutes worked, not just minutes at work, is a great incentive to stop procrastinating. Will ActivTrak work for me? Yes, you can build reports filtered by user and/or computer. Employee Monitoring Software will rise to 60% of employers by Companies Use Tracking Software to Check on Their Employees Who Work From Home. The Wall Street Journal. Managers should have regular check-ins about goals and progress, just like any. Corporate managers with work-at-home employees also worry about potential slackers, and some have tightened ties with home-office workers by monitoring their use of instant messaging or corporate.