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Gabriella in Avondale, Arizona 14 months ago. Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? For lunch, you clock out online, and go on "Not Ready, Lunch". I really only want about hours a week but am open to working mainly after noons and nights and some weekends. I have worked for a U-haul dealer in st. Four weeks of training. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

Best Places to Work; 12 Companies That Will Pay You to Travel the World; work from home and around you school schedule (before new management) Cons. Glassdoor has 1, U-Haul reviews submitted anonymously by U-Haul employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if U-Haul is right for you/5(K).

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They sound pretty strict. Do you HAVE to be up and going at 4am or how are they with a moderately set schedule? I work for them now and I hate it. The problem isn't with the customers it's with the company itself.

If you work at home you're not allowed bathroom breaks. There is the "other" button, but if you use it twice in a month you get "warned". If you work a 7. It isn't enough time to eat, go to the bathroom, and just de-stress for a moment. Calls come fast, and you'd better make sure to ask for that credit card by name a second time or you lose and entire 2-week's bonus not just that day or week. I have been working for UHaul Sales and Reservations from home for 8 months now and its the best job Ive ever had.

The pay is so good it allows me to work 25 hours a week, sometimes less and have money left over at the end of each month and live quite comfortably.

I live alone and depend on no one but myself for income. Even in the off season which began in october, I am making very close to what I was in peak season. Regarding the time issues the other people have commented had, If you are late to ANY job it is an issue My point being, if you dont follow the rules on ANY job it will be a problem If you cannot work unsupervised then this job is not for you.

I personally LOVE this job as it allows me to feel I have my own business by never hearing from management to breathe down your neck, and allowing me to choose what hours I would like to work.

I want to retire from UHaul! Not Happy Uhauler in Phoenix, Arizona. I just recently quit from working at home for Uhaul and I must say I was very disappointed with the job.

The biggest problem I had was the lack of communication from management when it came to being coached on how to handle certain situations on the phone. The next big problem I had was the contradicting information that is given. Each week of training was taught by a different person and each week there would be one or two instructions that would change with regards of what you could or could not do. For example, one week you were told that if there was an issue with a hitch reservation you could contact hitch central but don't ever transfer the customer to hitch central but then a few days later you're being told that you should never for any reason contact hitch central I mean come on which one is it?!

The other thing I didn't like was that fact that after going through 4 weeks of training in which the last two weeks you're taking phone calls, I still had to qualify in order to participate in the bonus program!! Shouldn't the two weeks of taking phone calls in training been the determining factor as to whether or not I could participate in the bonus program after training?!

To me Uhaul is not worry about what you can get or make out of this job but rather what they can get out of you and that is reservations!!!!! I recently applied for a General Manager job at a local U-haul owned store, which I will not be taking.

The current GM was getting a promotion, and the area sales guy was very pleasant. When the Marketing Company Vice President really just an area manager came to the store, the whole atmosphere changed. The MCVP went around looking for problems and things done wrong around the store. He found very minor things, and he yelled at the GM I asked him what qualities he felt were important for a General Manager. He said "fill the storage units! I also suggested fencing around the storage units for added security.

The building is terribly outdated and really needs to be replaced. The cement floors indoors are cracked, and there are hardly any products on display. The ones that are on display have old dusty wrappers. I sure would like to talk with the company's CEO I think I'll keep my current job Training was from home. Four weeks of training. Two weeks with trainers.

Week 3 and 4 your were to be taking calls but shadowed. I guess they forgot to shadow my class because we were lost and on our own. We had no idea who to contact while working. Our manager barely online when we are online.

Week 5 was to be our first week alone as official agents but we really had already been on our own. I got chewed out that first day for a call I did wrong during week 4.

I felt really disrespected and was down-talked by my lead agent. I knew then I was pretty much over Uhaul, although, initially I was pretty excited for the opportunity. I haven't had anymore incidents like that. I'm still not sure if that was some sort of hazing?? Really unprofessional whatever it was. Like usual call centers there are scripts and quotas. That was no problem.

Three reservations an hour is pretty easy if that's all you are doing.. You're making reservations, taking storage payments, trying to track ubox deliveries, helping people navigate the website and searching stock for boxes and things at particular stores.

You are also getting people trying to reach store employees for personal reasons, callbacks, checking applications statuses and more. That's not a problem at all until you're contacted by management letting you know that you are not meeting your 3 per hour quota and you won't get your bonus. All calls are from people thinking they are calling a specific store near them.

What they don't know is that the store's calls are routed and they have reached the call center. We aren't to let them know that unless they ask or unless they ask something that we obviously can't answer because we're not there. Some people are ok with it and some insist on speaking to someone actually at the store. They ask for the direct number but of course it's the number they just dialed. I also have a hard time reaching actual stores immediately by phone and I need them to answer questions ALL.

Locations can't get in touch with other locations either. Most go to queue to people like me. I end up sending a message and I've had good results with getting responses that way but not always. I never know if they actually get back to customers. Oh and about that script. My trainer said you basically go by the script and you'll be fine. Of course I followed it but if you don't go word for word or in exact order there might be a problem based on your management team and who's monitoring your call.

You could end up not compliant. We're scripted to ask for the credit card number before confirming the location or pick up time for the day selected. Agents can see at the bottom of the page the times the equipment is available or that it isn't available at all. Knowing that it isn't available you still have to ask to reserve with a credit card. I hate doing this. I feel like it all was a lie. I used to try checking locations for equipment prior to getting a credit card before I knew how strict Uhaul was.

I was advised by my lead to go in order or I could be considered non-compliant. I have had someone call me out for taking their card number and then telling them we didn't have what they wanted and sending the request to scheduling.

They had every right to be upset. We also have to be very pushy. We collect all contact info and at times people are reluctant or down right refuse. Some people only want a quote but we still must ask for all info. We also have to ask you to confirm with a credit card.

If you say no we have to add urgency and ask again. If you don't have a credit or debit card we have to suggest you to use a card of a family member or friend.

I have never asked anyone to do that. I could go on but this is getting way too long. Just check out Uhaul's facebook page. It's full of complaints by customers. I have worked here about two months and I'm done. I'd quit now but I'm waiting to start another job within a couple of weeks thank goodness. Rgv in Houston, Texas. I have worked for a U-haul dealer in st. You people sit inside your homes or offices and make a descent pay,its not great but descent and complain.

I work inside and out load trailers in all kind of weather. My pay isn't what I want it to be. I help the customers in what ever way I can. Yes,I make reservation too, you know that any job has its drawbacks. The computer program isn't perfect. It is not the only one. Get over it,get over your selves and get on with your work!!!! Work is hard ,work is work. Can you please email me, are you still working for them?

Just want to ask a few questions. Monica Farley in Northport, Alabama. I work there now from home I'm allowed breaks, and I've never had my bonus taken sooooo something is fishy about your story there. Oh did I mention I work for phoenix Arizona remotely. Uhaul is an awesome company. They pay you extra for finishing training. Plus bonuses and regular full time or part time hours. Uhauler in Phoenix, Arizona said: Mol in Brunswick, Georgia.

I hate uhaul it's the worst company in america it is. Most people are concerned on pay or little things. Most places just pay you to be there and get your money and whatever. The people there are family and you need to stop stereotyping. Sounds like problems you're having yourself. Why are you still choosing to go through all that? Not every uhaul is like that. All the things people say negative about it are stereotyped and doesn't make half of sense..

It's a good growing and learning business. So, received the call within 30mins, and was hired. You are required to do a drug, background test and I9 form to be signed by a U haul GM locally …and from there everything is history.

Good luck to everyone, this job so far, seem to have a laid back feeling to it…. Hi Guys can anyone tell me how is the training? What questions did they ask at your interview? Yes from my last post you all are correct , it does say training from home now.. I have been in communication with a recruiter today and they are hiring.

Training in through webinars. I am excited for this opportunity! Thank you for this post! Sounds fine a dandy.. I think it may depend on the position they are hiring for.

They have several different work at home positions open at different times, so keep checking back if what they have now requires AZ training. I can actually second this. However, be sure to test your computer speed as they suggest on the site. Hello I just applied here as a work at home sales agent. I do have another job so I am looking to do this only part time. I already have a home office set up so I should easily qualify and type about 60 wpm.

I have to stagger the hours for when I do not have my kids.. I really only want about hours a week but am open to working mainly after noons and nights and some weekends. Any feedback is appreciated.

I apply on their site all the time and never hear back. I work for UHaul.. I know sales reps that are working less than 10 hours a week.. A lot of folks are getting second jobs.

The pay is on the low end, but it seems like a pleasant experience to work for them. This post may contain affiliate links. Regardless, I only recommend products and services I trust. Share Tweet Pin 36 shares. Hi what are the training hours like?

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U Haul work from home jobs are for real! Believe it or not, they occasionally hire people for home based sales and reservations. This is a phone job from home so you need a quiet background to work. "I enjoy the flexibility of my job at U-Haul. I like being able to work from just about anywhere; in the office or at home. I have a flexible schedule too, it . How much do U-Haul employees make? Glassdoor has salaries, wages, tips, bonuses, and hourly pay based upon employee reports and estimates.