Can a Teenager Work in a Funeral Home?

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When that is the case, a funeral home will hire an independent contractor to store the bodies off-site and deliver them to the funeral home at a later date. I was employed by a midsize funeral home.

My Job Was to Pick Up the Bodies

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Working With the Living

Funeral service workers typically perform their duties in a funeral home. Workers also may operate a merchandise display room, crematory, or cemetery, which may be on the funeral home premises. The work is often stressful, because workers must arrange the various details of a funeral within 24 to 72 hours of a death. To work as a funeral director or embalmer, you'll need to be licensed by the state you're employed in. Some states will require you to earn both an embalmer's license and a director's license, while others will address both embalming and . “Also, pay differs greatly if you work for a family-owned [funeral home] versus a corporate-owned. You can start out at minimum wage and work your way up. You can start out at minimum wage and work your way up.