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Our service team at Priority Networking makes sure that your technology is proactively managed at a reasonable cost. Plumber University of Johannesburg - Gauteng and effectively assist skilled staff with semi skilled duties and tasks in the technical service domain. Welcome to Bidvest Managed Solutions. The subsidiary companies under BidCom specialise in wide variety of commercial services and products. Trading Update Feb 18

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Must have own transport Afrikaans and English Must have own Transport. Must have own transport. Must have years experiece. V an proof of trade certificate or red seal To assist in any general work related to the outage execution. Applicant must have min 5 years experience in argon welding in the To do this, enter key words such as Ewings Sarcoma in the search bar at the top of this page. If you find someone you would like to contact, you can do so through the CSN internal email system.

Any luck finding someone else with your type of cancer. Sarcoma's are a rare type of cancer to begin with and then when you start categorizing the type of sarcoma they become even more rare.

I live in Maryland in the Baltimore metro area and we have a high cancer rate to begin with in this area and we have two very good cancer centers U. Would like to hear how you are doing.

Take care - John. I have undergone 4 cycles of chemo and i am doing fine now. Though it looks like that some more treatment would be required. Hope you are all doing good!! I just finished treatments for Ewing sarcoma in June.

It is very uncommon. My tumor was on the 9th rib on the right side. Would love to hear from you [content removed by CSN adminstrator]. Would love to hear from you [content removed by CSN Adminstrator]. I had Ewings in my left femur when I was It's interesting to read other survivor stories. The lag is roughly m, but the vast majority of this lag looks like it comes from the actual writing of the data itself, meaning the read to buffer is relatively insignificant. I am trying to sending commands from my console via a UDP port to matlab where my instrument is controlled.

When I send a command as package from my console, on the matlab side I always have to run 'readpacket' and 'read' to get it. In the directory "C: Can I somehow use this toolbox for matlab a and if so how?

If not, does anyone have suggestions on how I can send udp port signals without having to write a code from scratch I compiled it successfully on Ubuntu 9. However, it always fail compiling on Ubuntu Anyone tried compiling this on Ubuntu Seems to work fine so far.

Or does this PNET. I got error message "[recvfrom or recv ]: I wonder if anyone could help me with compiling this at a Windows x64 platform? How do I do it? I am working on Windows 7 and I have never compiled any c-code in my life. Or may be someone just has this pnet compiled for x64? Thank you very much peter , for contributing this and sharing the source, it's been very useful. When the latest version loads,the console output claims that it is version 2. Is this merely a cosmetic error? You are using gcc version "4.

The earliest gcc version supported with mex is "4. The latest version tested for use with mex is "4. To download a different version of gcc, visit http: There does not seem to be any kind of analogous parameter for this package.

Is the OutputBufferSize dynamically sized or is there a fixed value that I should know about? I did not manage to compile the c-file pnet. I am running Matlab a on a Linux machine with a 2. Can anyone help me? I want to implement I have created a simple program for sending and receiving UDP packets. Got errors trying to compile under RedHat: Fixed by editing pnet. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I have a really simple doubt that maybe you can help me.

I can send messages via this socket, I can establish the connection between my client application and the socket but I cannot read the messages sent from my client application to my MATLAB socket.

What do I have to do to read and store this information? This is an excellent package and covers the basics very well. However, I found it didn't quite cover my needs because I couldn't find a way of generating events i. This was a real time saver. Tried to compile a similar toolbox on top of winsock sockets with no success.. Can it functions like a Web Server connection?

This toolbox will compile fine and work perfectly on mac os X as is. Tested with matlab 7. Just use the mex command with the main pnet. Maybe it's necessary to improve the documentation and to add some examples. A very useful tool for interprocess communication. Sorringly there is no windows-dll included in the actual version 1. More "proper" license specification makes it possible to be useded as dynamical linked extention to non-free stand alones of your MATLAB applications.

THE bug is found. Data is now also transmitted in binary mode at windows platform. UDP support more stable random parameter is now initialized. Regular Calls to drawnow makes blocking operations breakable in windows. View the winning live scripts from faculty and students who participated in the recent challenge. Choose a web site to get translated content where available and see local events and offers.

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