Work From Home Guide: A list of legitimate work-at-home job opportunities

In the next 24 hours, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription to receive emails related to AARP volunteering. That means whizzes at chemistry, algebra and physics need apply. Some firms provide health, vision and dental benefits, or access to group plan rates. Overall, finding a job for seniors can be a fun journey if you have the right attitude and take your time finding the right opportunity for you. Financial compensation will likely be a consideration after retirement, but many retirees are making compromises on salary and benefits to find a job that they really enjoy. Varying schedules including days, evenings and weekends.

Welcome to Retirement Jobs. Jobs after Retirement. Full & Part time jobs from age friendly employers. For planning retirement, a career change or to supplement your income or social security.

Why Get A Retirement Job?

It also has information about job searching, career management and workplace issues. It maps a huge selection of job offerings available on the Internet in one extensive database by referencing job listings originating from company websites, recruitment agency websites and large specialist recruitment sites.

It offers opportunities for job seekers of all ages. Using a fast and straightforward interface, users can query this database and save themselves the trouble of visiting each site individually. The job offerings themselves are not hosted by Careerjet.

Users are always redirected to the original job listing. Essentially, Careerjet acts as traffic driver to those sites. National Older Worker Career Center NOWCC This nonprofit organization brings together experienced workers and organizations seeking support, thereby helping to ensure that older workers can continue to contribute their skills and knowledge. Launched with the help of AARP in September , NOWCC began operations with a unique mission that focused solely on promotion of an age-diverse work force through expansion of employment and training opportunities.

It currently provides employment services for skilled mid-career and older workers interested in environmental project assignments. It creates partnerships with schools and alma maters throughout North America which serve as liaisons. Green Careers Guide This web site provides articles and other resources about green jobs to help individuals find jobs in the fast-growing green industry. It also has a search engine to help people locate jobs in various parts of the country.

Job Applications The website, www. In addition it has hundreds of useful employee videos which explain how to get a job with a particular company. We bring you straight to your desired career and allow you to see everything you will need to know about the company and what it looks for in their applicants.

Quite the opposite is true, however. With the average age of retirement rising, many people over 50 may have 15, 20, or even 30 years of working life left in them, and some choose to spend the remainder of their working years in a new career. People age 50 and over are in a unique position to have plenty of workforce experience to bring to a new career, while still being able to obtain the knowledge they need to take on something new.

This guidebook walks you through the process of changing careers over the age of 50, including how to get started, where to get additional training, and what types of careers might be right for you.

It is not limited to retirees or seniors. Its resources can be valuable to anyone. One of the resources is its Career One-Stop Center where you can find everything you need to search for a new job. It also has information about its National Employer Team. In this program AARP has collaborated with companies that appreciate the talent mature workers bring to a job. The companies are selected after a screening process must assure AARP that they want to recruit and keep mature workers.

Each company has different jobs available which require different skills. Each has a different application process and offer different benefits.

Some want full-time workers. Some hire seasonal workers. Others are looking for part-time all year. This program is available to help job seekers improve their skills, obtain training, and find a job. New Directions New Directions provides career transition services exclusively for senior-level executives, professionals and their families.

It helps clients find and create opportunities that not only meet their near-term career expectations and needs, but also advance their long-term work and life goals. For Baby Boomers seeking alternatives to passive retirement — now or in a few years — New Directions helps them develop a balance of part-time work with other meaningful activities. Senior Corps Americans over 55 have a lifetime of experience to share and the desire to make a real difference in their world.

Now they are ready to put their unique talents and expertise to work in their communities, and enrich their own lives in the process. It helps them become mentors, coaches or companions to people in need, or contribute their job skills and expertise to community projects and organizations.

Conceived during John F. These fluctuate widely by sport and organization. Coaches can figure three hours or so for late afternoons, five days a week, plus weekend days in season.

Umpires, referees and scorekeepers usually work two to three hours per game. Figure on once a week for two or three games in an afternoon or evening. You need to be good with children, possess moderate physical fitness and have an overall knowledge of the game. Specific education, training and licensing requirements for coaches and officials vary greatly by the level and type of sport.

Some entry-level positions for coaches require only experience gleaned as a participant in the sport. Umpires and referees usually are required to attend a training course and pass a test. You can gain experience by volunteering for intramural, community and recreational league competitions. If you have a hankering to umpire, check out your local umpire association.

For American Legion high school age , you will need to contact your local division and attend a certifying clinic. There are one-day refresher classes and full courses with several sessions, plus an exam.

Some leagues require that certification be renewed periodically. National Association of Sports Officials and state athletic associations. Look to high schools, parks departments, recreational and church leagues, and soccer clubs for openings. Ask if they offer a club-certified referee or umpire class.

This post can take some nerves of steel and patience, but the rewards are plentiful. It can be frustrating for some aides to have to defer to the guidance of the teacher in charge, so you need to have a good rapport and working relationship. The teacher needs to respect and value what you bring to the classroom. If not, it's a bust. Be prepared for some grunt work — clerical duties such as grading papers, recording grades, setting up equipment, entering computer data.

One of the best aspects is one-on-one tutoring for a student who needs special help or has a disability and requires individual attention. These are bonding moments of giving back that are worth more than a paycheck.

While some of the school day is spent standing, walking or kneeling, most of it is sitting while working with students. Teacher assistants also supervise students in the cafeteria, school yard and hallways, or on field trips. Three to five days a week, six to seven hours per day during the traditional school year eight to nine months. Summer school hours may be available in some districts. On-the-job training combined with a high school diploma. Some states or school districts may require additional education beyond high school.

A college degree, related coursework in child development and previous experience helping special education students can open up job opportunities.

Self-starters who can multitask and work independently are highly valued. Fluency in a second language, especially Spanish, is in demand. Many schools require previous experience in working with children and a valid driver's license. Most require you to pass a background check. For more information, go to the websites of the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. Imagine steering a group of curious tourists around historic monuments in Washington, D.

That's particularly true if you're a history buff and have a knack for storytelling and showmanship. You need to have a mind for remembering dates and historical facts. You also must interact easily with everyone — from excitable school kids on a field trip to seniors hailing from all over the globe.

Tour guide jobs pop up in various places that attract visitors. You might lead visitors through points of historical or local interest, pretzel factories, wineries, breweries and more, doling out tidbits of information in a narrative format.

The downside is that it can be hard on the feet and the vocal cords, and the patter can become stiflingly rote. Your job is to dig down for a fresh and energetic performance each round. Many of these jobs are walking tours, although you may land one where you drive a vehicle, or go with a group on a park shuttle or monorail system.

Depending on the assignment, you might have to stand up to eight hours per day or walk and climb stairs. Plus, you'll need to be sharp-eyed to visually monitor guests to ensure compliance with security and safety rules.

Less demanding openings, such as ticket-takers, program sellers or cashiers, are also generally available. Varying schedules including days, evenings and weekends. Remember, these are not ways to get rich; most opportunities just pay enough to allow you to supplement an existing income. You cover gas, maintenance and any other car expenses. Coming soon to New York, Chicago, and Portland.

You earn points for simply scanning the barcode on an item in a store. No purchase of the product is necessary. You can redeem the points you collect for free gift cards, airline miles and other perks.

Essentially turns you into an on-demand secret shopper. Sell photos you take on your Android of iPhone into this online stock photograph market. Find local jobs in your area and complete them within two hours for cash. The low price is often a loss leader allowing a contractor to develop a client base for their particular area of expertise. Independent agents will also need to meet technical requirements including the installation and maintenance of a dedicated landline telephone only to be used for LiveOps work.

Must be 13 years old.

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Find jobs for seniors by city or state. The best source for workers over 50 looking for jobs in their local area. View all openings by city or by state. Check out Clark Howard"s list of legitimate work-from-home companies! Work From Home Guide: A list of legitimate work-at-home job opportunities | Clark Howard Resources for thoughtful planning about retirement jobs, such as starting a business, part-time work, consulting, volunteering & more. Work At Home Vintage Experts provides an innovative talent solution that offers retiring and retired accounting and insurance professionals the option to stay productive and supplement their retirement.