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I tried to dispute it but their technical "ServiceOne" team refused my request. Move to the next job. Our community is ready to answer. It costs you to begin with, phone, internet, headset. Our agents specialize in the industries we serve, including consumer services, healthcare, retail, travel and more. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile.

I worked for Alpine Access for two years. They kept changing procedures and expecting you to get it in a week if not you got a warning, the only benefit you have working for this company is the work from home part, but if it's only your main source of money it's not worth it, they do not give you raises, advancement to grow etc/5().

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They change rules alot so its aggravating that one minute your quoting a rule and then next it is changed. Management was decent but ALL of them that I had went to other companies so Was this review helpful? Alpine Access work from home. A typical day was taking orders for the vitamin shoppe program. I learned more about vitamins and supplements. No communication from management and no advancement. Enjoyable was taking orders for vitamins and supplements. Worked at home, trained at home.

Overall Sykes is a good. Individual training runs from great to bad depending on who is doing the training.. Good company culture, friendly. Sykes expects you to produce results. Brief and very weak call center wrought with errors. Absolutely no training or interaction with a capable leader. It was no surprise they were bought out and I was out of a job.

The company video is completely different than the managers. The managers need far better training and much stricter oversight. If the companies, such as Wal-Mart, could hear some of the things being said during training, they would be horrified!

I worked for Alpine Access for two years. They kept changing procedures and expecting you to get it in a week if not you got a warning, the only benefit you have working for this company is the work from home part, but if it's only your main source of money it's not worth it, they do not give you raises, advancement to grow etc. Relaxing work from home experience. A typical workday at Alpine Access begins around 4pm until midnight but the start times depend on the assigned program.

Training consisted of three weeks in an Abode virtual classroom followed call shadowing. Managers and senior CSRs are a valuable resource for information. In addition, there is room for advancement. Overall this a great company to begin a career in customer service in a home setting.

This is a work from home company that has many different companies under there umbrella that they provide customer service for. The training is virtual as well as everything else. This is a telecommute position. It costs you to begin with, phone, internet, headset. The only good I can say about this position is you will get great at your computer skills and be able to switch from one subject matter to the next.

Interesting and challenging work environment. This company offers some interesting positions. A typical work day is one where we would meet with the manager to plan the day and talk about issues that need improvement.

I learned to have patience and empathy for others. The toughest part about the job is that given I worked from home, I had to motivate myself without much support from peers. The most enjoyable part of the position is the interaction with the clients. I imagine them laughing all the way to the bank. This is poor and unfair treatment. I am considering reporting this company to the department of Workforce Commission and Department of Labor due to the experience I had.

Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive practices. Leadership doesn't communicate efficiently and requests are often ignored, or delayed. Pay is low, especially if you are experienced. Hire competent folks in leadership positions. I've worked as an Sr. Auditor for another company for many years and decided try this as part time and clearly this company is missing skilled professionals that delegate in a diplomatic manner. I'm sorry that you had this experience.

If you would like to discuss further you can reach out to me: Work-Life Balance can be challenging but that is not a company issue.

Thank you so much for your review and feedback The flexibility of when I wanted to work is what kept me here for 7 years. The pay is pretty bad if you have any experience in the travel industry. The sad part is that they don't teach you enough unless you are self taught about sabre to be able to really get out there and market yourself for a career in travel. This was a temp job that turned to long term for me. I was harassed at least on a weekly bases for the first few years about working more hours when I was making my minumum.

They would pull accounts from me and i would have to email them which takes a long time because they rarely responded to ask for the accounts back. It was a constant struggle with the turnover and lack of communication with the management team. In the end I was heart broken I took some personal time off and they basically booted me after 7 years and did not care about me, try to fight for me or let me have a little time off after 7 years of hard work. I have beenin travel since I should have felt like I was an asset to them, they should have tried harder to keep me and they really needed me.

I was cleaning up all the work from agents who had no idea what they were doing and never worked in travel before. Lastly, in 7 years I had no raise. I hear people are leaving, great agents with experience.

I say you look at these senior agents and keep them, you need them. I would call up previous agents and offer a RAISE to come back, because that will be the only way this will be long lasting. Those agent errors are horrible payouts that are unnecessary. Thank you for your review and for contracting with us for 7 years. We wish you the best of luck.

I feel that I make a difference every day! Thank you so much for your review and feedback! It is so appreciated since we are mostly a "word-of-mouth" company. And, thank you for what you do to support our clients and their customers! Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile.

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Follow Add a Review. Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Cons Not Enough Hours! Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Pros I love that our voices can be heard. Cons For me, the only downside is I rarely leave my house. Advice to Management Keep up the good work. Join the Working Solutions team. See Our Latest Jobs. Pros The team at WS care about agent success, they are always looking teaching opportunities.

Cons Like job, there are some "managers" resources that are easier to work with than others, though they are all there to help and want you to succeed. Pros There Are no pros and no benefits. Cons This job purposely sets you up to fail. Pros Work from home, can make a lot of money.

Cons Management hard to deal with at times, out of touch with consultants and pay is not always correct. Pros Great company for a work at home position. Cons None except sometimes hours are fewer during summer months.

Advice to Management Keep up the great work! Pros Great flexibility comes with limited availability of hours. Cons I experienced technical issues during a scheduled work day. Advice to Management Hire competent folks in leadership positions.

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Currently, this work from home company is known as “Sykes Home powered by Alpine Access”. Types of Work At Home Positions at Sykes Home Sykes Home has a variety of work at home positions in customer service, financial, services, healthcare support, video gaming support, and order support. Highest rated 'work at home' company. Flexible jobs in customer service, travel, sales, and retail. Work from home with a caring culture. Unlike other companies, Working Solutions educates agents—at no cost to them—in a client’s business at Working Solutions University™. SYKES provides business process outsourcing (BPO) services to global leaders. We strive to enhance our client's brands, one customer interaction at a time.