10 Reasons Working From Home Isn’t as Awesome as It Sounds

One reality home-based entrepreneurs are faced with is the fact that it is not easy to work from home. This is especially true if you are moving into a new neighbourhood. Most employees would view working from home as a positive term and condition of their employment. Whether the push is from your Silocon-wannabes, or the sandwhich-generation juggling small kids and elderly parents, here are some of the key legal issues employers need to think about when offering telecommuting to employees: Without reserving the right in the workplace policy or employment contract to dictate work location, you may open yourself up to a constructive dismissal claim for introducing an adverse term i. Working from home, telecommuting, flexible hours, — whatever you call it, it is part of the Gen Y paradigm of focusing on work product rather than work process.

May 16,  · Overworking: Once you're in the habit of working from home, escaping the commute and the hassle, the temptation to work after hours is considerable. People find their families suffer, they find.

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Imagine that your office is near the family room, for example, and guests drop by and loiter near your work area. Your documents, work and even files can be fair game to everyone! Be sure that your family understands what it takes to operate a home business. Talk to your husband or wife and ask for their support, and explain to the children your need to be given time to work for the business. Some members of your family may resent the fact that while you stay in the house the whole day; your attention is not focused on them.

However, be sure also to know when to stop working for your business and start living as part of the family. When working at home, the line between work and family sometimes crosses. There is always the temptation to work long hours that may be difficult to resist, like checking and answering emails after dinnertime. Instead of spending quality time with the rest of the family, a home based businessperson sometimes fall into the trap of being consumed with work.

They do not know when to stop. With no co-employees or bosses hovering in your workplace, the start-up home businessperson often finds it difficult to adjust in a solitary work environment. Suddenly, the whole work has become so quiet — no more exchanging weekend stories in the pantry, or exchanging jokes near the coffee machine.

The isolation feels more intense for those who are adjusting from a corporate white-collar job to a home business and for those who are social in nature. Your productivity as a home-based worker may go up or down, depending on your self-discipline. Working on your own business at home means that you are boss — there are no codes of conduct to follow, no weekly performance reports to keep you in tow, and no formal office routine.

Others find that they are spending way too much time watching television, or they are having a hard time getting out of bed. If you fail to maintain a certain level of discipline, compounded by ineffective time management, it will be hard to accomplish your goals.

Before you finalize your plans for starting your home business, be sure to know the rules and regulations that govern your circumstances. If you live in an apartment or condominium, check with the management the level of business activity that they can tolerate.

Your landlord may not allow you to receive too many visitors or the frequent comings-and-goings of delivery trucks may not be acceptable. If you are thinking of starting a catering business, for example, some states do not allow the establishment of a commercial kitchen in a residential area. It is better to be aware of the restrictions governing your business at the very start of your business.

Isabel Isidro is the co-founder of PowerHomeBiz. Always faced such problem in my life. You have given idea about all the problems. But i have faced few of them at my home. I really recommend to see if their are any restrictions to running a business from home as the first thing to do.

This is especially true if you are moving into a new neighbourhood. I knew a lawyer that wanted to work from home at night. She had to move as it was not permitted in her neighbourhood. You do need the respect of your privacy when working. I wish I did a little more homework before starting my work from home business. However, having done this from home for the past 18 months, I can start to feel the loneliness take its toll on me!

I also find splitting the week by going to a morning coffee club helps with the loneliness! The work at home business options available could seem overwhelming. In reality, you may find that you work more at home. Stick to a set schedule to keep those work hours from expanding and eating up the whole day. Have separate email addresses for personal and business purposes. You could also find yourself checking work-related emails in the middle of dinner or before you go to bed.

For some people, this may not be a problem. But if mixing work and home life negatively affects your quality of life, try these solutions:.

It can be tough to mentally drop your work and resume home life when they both take place in the same building. One man's interesting solution is to finish his workday with a drive around the block, after which he re-enters his house to start his evening non-work routine, reports Entrepreneur. It can be tough to be professional while working from home. You might have crying babies and barking dogs in the background when clients call, or forget to comb your hair for a video-conference I'm still two hours away from that bit of personal hygiene.

What can you do to be more professional? Well, you can remain in your underwear for that video-chat, as long as you put on a nice shirt — and don't stand up during the call. To keep background noise to a minimum, schedule calls when the kids are at school or set up the office in the quietest part of the house. If you have many work-related calls, it's a good idea to have a devoted phone line. My wife and I love working side-by-side, but we know couples who absolutely need time apart.

Those couples would have a difficult time working at home together. It can also be tough to respect work-related boundaries at home, and that can cause some relationship friction. It may be best if only one of you works at home. If either partner has trouble knowing when it's okay to interrupt, develop a system that works for you both.

However, if you're a freelancer, you'll have to handle the accounting, make quarterly tax payments and determine whether that coffee maker is an office expense not likely. An employer pays half of your payroll taxes Social Security and Medicare , so you only contribute 7.

As a freelancer, you'll pay the entire self-employment tax of And if your eyes glazed over reading that last sentence, get some help with tax filing or at least setting up a solid accounting system. When you freelance or run a business from home, you have to keep selling yourself to gain new clients. For those of us who are introverts, this is no fun at all, but it is necessary. I find it easier to sell my services using a website, portfolio and emails.

I rarely talk to clients on the phone. But if the phone is a more effective tool for you, use it. Make an effort to get testimonials for your website or blog. They can make prospective clients comfortable enough to hire you without a telephone interview, which saves time and the need for a personal sales pitch. I ask for testimonials by email, so I can easily copy and paste them onto my site. If you're a home-based employee, your employer should pay for most work-related expenses.

But as a freelancer, you'll pay for every computer crash or printer replacement. Some expenses may come unexpectedly. For example, work-at-home mom Jacqueline Curtis says she discovered childcare was necessary because she couldn't do a professional job while watching the kids.

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Jun 24,  · Magical or not, the fact remains that teleworking generally doesn’t work well, because corporations still haven't solved the issues of remote learning, knowledge sharing, or firing up ideas. Working at home is the trend of the future, as more and more people eschew corporate life for a simpler and relaxed business environment. However, a business at home is not without problems. Here is a list of the top ten conflicts that you might experience while working at home: 1. Separating work. Working from home comes with a few other problems as well, so while it can be great and research shows home workers are happier, it isn't always easy to make it work for you. But let's try: Here are 10 problems with working from home, along with possible solutions.