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Along with the lead or main producer, there can also be executive producers who tend to focus on budgeting and legalities, line producers who typically focus on day-to-day operations, and unit production managers who ensure that production is on track with the main producer's interests. Additionally, marketing managers tend to have a broader focus that can include branding and public relations. You might be thinking, "People actually get paid to hack? As an advertising or marketing manager, you could be handling the many aspects of a company's advertising and promotional campaigns. So when it comes to matching the needs of the greatest number of potential employers, business is probably the most useful major in college.

Aug 05,  · Want to work from home but be paid well? See if you qualify for any of these positions. The 10 Highest-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs. FlexJobs compared real job listings in its database with.

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Each position comes with a varying degree of responsibility over a company's online presence. Depending on your role, you could be responsible for anything from promoting websites to taking care of social media accounts to developing online marketing strategies.

If you are a lover of all types and sizes of animals, then you may enjoy a career in the field of animal sciences. With possibilities ranging from assisting veterinarians to researching ocean ecosystems, it is likely you can find a career that is in line with your interests. Take a moment to explore a couple of the fun, good-paying jobs that could be available to you whether you hold a certificate, diploma, two- or four-year degree, or higher designation:.

A marine biologist studies sea creatures and the ocean's ecosystems. Due to the vastness of the earth's oceans and the large number of animals and organisms within them, there are a number of specialties within the field of marine biology.

Specialty areas include aquaculture, fishery biology, marine ecology, marine mammals, and microorganisms. Marine biologists typically spend a great deal of time conducting research, so you could expect to work closely with universities and other educational institutions.

A veterinary technician provides essential support services to veterinarians. It can be an ideal field for animal lovers who want a short education in order to get back into the workforce quickly.

As a vet tech, you could spend your time giving medications, assisting with surgeries, providing emergency care, collecting samples, performing lab tests, and much more. Many people who pursue automotive careers have dreamed of doing so since they were kids. You could have spent your childhood watching a family member work on cars.

Or your love of vehicles may have started once you had your chance to get behind the wheel. Or maybe you are just mechanically inclined and have always known that working on vehicles was a viable option for you. The good news is that there are a number of high-paying, fun careers available in the automotive sector.

Here are a few you might want to consider:. A heavy equipment mechanic's workday is made up of excavators, bulldozers, combines, and many other types of machines found in the construction, farming, logging, mining, and railway industries. You could be maintaining and repairing all types of machines, both in the field and at the mechanic shop.

This option is a way to take a career in mechanics to the next level. Many motorcycle mechanics developed a love for bikes long before they even considered a career in this trade.

Becoming a motorcycle mechanic probably feels like a natural choice for you. After all, a career where you spend your days repairing, maintaining, and restoring motorcycles may be just what you desire. When you dream of a career as a mechanic, you dream big.

You can become an essential member of a racer's pit crew taking care of any number of things, including engine mechanics, fabrication, and welding. Street rod fabricators don't just build vehicles; they create high-performance pieces of custom art.

Using a combination of hand tools and specialized equipment, you will fabricate sheet metal, construct bodies and work with components like chop tops and suicide doors, and finish with custom paint and special effects to create beautiful hot rods. You could find career opportunities within existing shops, or you could establish your own custom hot rod shop.

Many people who work in aviation have known that it was the vocational field for them from an early age. You've probably been fascinated by flight and airplanes most of your life. And now you have the chance to transform your fascination into a fun career that pays well.

Here are two aviation occupations that may interest you:. Airplane mechanics help thousands, if not millions, of travelers arrive at their destinations safely. Depending on your education level, you could be inspecting, supervising, and performing airplane maintenance on both private and commercial aircraft. And some mechanics even have opportunities to travel to foreign countries to oversee the mechanical work completed at international shops. An air traffic controller may not have crossed your mind as one of the fun jobs that pay a lot.

But it really is a job that many consider fun, and it offers great earning potential. Essentially, you get to control airspace. Using radar and other sophisticated technology, you help pilots by making that sure planes are arriving and departing safely, efficiently, and on time. Those who are interested in fun, well-paying jobs in beauty are usually quite passionate about the field, enjoy interacting with people of all different backgrounds, and love hands-on work where they can immediately see the results.

If this sounds like you, then consider a fun beauty career such as the following:. A makeup artist can work in a number of settings. You could be employed at a salon or beauty shop where you apply makeup to brides, wedding parties, and others preparing for big events. Or you could work in theatrical and performing arts establishments where you get actors and actresses ready for their shows.

You may even be able to find opportunities to apply makeup to models and celebrities. There are a lot of possibilities as a professional makeup artist. If you possess a strong business sense and are highly motivated and organized, then you may want to consider a fun, high-paying career in business management.

Check out one of the interesting options that you could pursue:. The life of an event planner is never dull. You can quickly go from one event to the next or even plan multiple events at one time.

You could work as a private consultant or secure a position within a business like a hotel or convention center. One day you could be handling every fine detail of a lavish wedding, and the next day you could be setting up a professional business conference. Event planning can be a creative, stimulating, and rewarding career field. A communications career is an ideal choice for those who are natural writers and storytellers.

You actually might find that the communications field offers interesting, easy jobs. We say easy because you could secure a position that depends upon your natural-born talents. If you can picture yourself working in radio, TV, or online and print media, then consider these fun, well-paying careers:. Radio and TV announcers research, prepare, and present information on a wide variety of topics.

You get to stay in tune with current events related to news, music, entertainment, sports, and other aspects of modern culture. You may have a broad position that covers a number of topics or you could work in a position where you focus on a specific area like politics or entertainment.

You could also find yourself involved in a variety of other engaging activities such as interviewing guests, providing commentary, operating studio equipment, updating social media accounts, and creating and selecting program content. Writers often enjoy having a variety of opportunities to do what they love most.

With a knack for the written word, you could find yourself writing for advertisements, scripts, stories, articles, books, and other fun projects. You may even want to pursue a more creative career in freelancing where there are opportunities in journalism, blogging, copy writing, travel writing, and many other specialty areas. Not everyone would consider an IT career fun. But then again, not everyone has a fascination with computers and technology like you do. You probably can't picture yourself working in any other field.

And that's why one of these high-paying, fun jobs may be exactly what you're looking for:. You might be thinking, "People actually get paid to hack?

As technology grows and society becomes increasingly reliant on it, the field of ethical hacking is growing significantly. Ethical hackers are hired to test computer and network systems in order to identify security vulnerabilities. Although ethical hacking positions could be seen as weird or odd jobs, many people love the thrill that comes from staying a step ahead of computer criminals. And positions exist in all kinds of settings, from government departments and banks to vehicle manufacturers and home security companies.

Software developers are just as creative as they are technical. They oversee the complete development cycles of software programs, from design and coding to implementation, support, and maintenance. Software developers may also design databases that support their programs as well as supervise computer programmers who assist with coding.

Plus, people who specialize in mobile app development have some of the most satisfying jobs of all. As a matter of fact, mobile app developer was ranked as the number one best job in America by CNN Money. Maybe you consider yourself a creative visionary. Can you picture using modern technology in an enjoyable artistic field? Think of the possibilities: Many fun, good-paying jobs exist in this category.

See if one of them appeals to you. Graphic designers are technically and creatively inclined communicators. With the use of imagery and typography, you can create designs and graphics for printed and electronic media. Many graphic designers are employed in advertising, marketing, public relations, and communications departments within a variety of organizations.

An interior designer has a flair for creative design backed with a strong business sense. You do much more than make spaces attractive to the eye. You also make sure they are safe, functional, and comfortable. You will work with your clients, whether homeowners or businesses, to create appealing rooms and spaces that meet their unique needs. This is another field where technology and creative art come together. As a multimedia artist and animator, you could find yourself creating computer animation and special effects to be used in TV shows, commercials, movies, music videos, websites, video games, and other media projects.

Capitalize on your love of video games by becoming a video game designer. This field is where your creativity can align with your design and computer programming abilities. A great deal of artistry goes into creating today's video games. You essentially create a fantasy world with a storyline, characters, music, and a number of different scenes. And many video game companies are known for their laid-back, fun work environments.

Plus, you may even have the opportunity to specialize in a specific area such as coding, creating sound effects, designing graphics, or writing narratives. With the massive growth of the Internet over recent years, it is no wonder that web designers are in demand. Many web designers are so passionate about the field that they started designing websites at a young age just for fun. But you can turn that interest into a viable career. Companies could hire you to build, redesign, and maintain their websites in a way that makes them appealing, functional, and aligned with their brands.

Film and video editors take on critical, behind-the-scenes roles in video production. With their artistic and creative eye, they edit raw footage in order to capture on-screen personalities and tell a story. You will work with directors, producers, and other film staff to ensure that production goals are achieved. With the use of computer software and digital equipment, you can produce a high-quality finished product. Photographers can capture memories and make them last for generations.

Although job opportunities exist in several sectors, many photographers prefer the flexibility and creativity that comes with freelance work or self-employment. You can find opportunities in private and corporate settings and may even choose to focus on a specialty where you strictly photograph people, events, landscapes, or products.

In the world of film production, there are a variety of roles. Along with the lead or main producer, there can also be executive producers who tend to focus on budgeting and legalities, line producers who typically focus on day-to-day operations, and unit production managers who ensure that production is on track with the main producer's interests.

Although some producers work independently, most are employed by larger production companies. If you have ever attended a live concert, seen a Broadway show, or watched a movie with sound effects, then you have heard the work of sound engineering technicians. They are often looking for editors, proofreaders, book jacket designers, etc.

Buffer provides web-based social media management solutions. They allow all their workers to work remotely, and they provide transparent salary information. This company hires work at home registered nurses for telephone triage. It's a flexible, work anytime job that pays weekly. You can read our overview of tutoring jobs at Chegg for more info on how it works.

RN or higher license is required. Github is a software company that allows many of its employees to work remotely. They have regular openings for techy positions like developers, engineers, etc. They have openings for remote video medical interpreters on occasion. The company is highly selective and not all jobs are remote. Prior teaching experience is required and a bachelor's degree is preferred.

This company provides a service for landlords and property mangers to help streamline the scheduling and showing process for rentals. SitePen allows their workers to work remotely. They have occasional openings for software engineering, project management, javascript engineering, and web development.

And there you have it! I promote a number of work at home jobs or assignments that I believe can generate some good incomes. But you must do your diligence to visit each of the websites and read up their offers, to be convinced they are worth the investment. Though there are millions of scams on the internet, there are still a few genuine ones.

Sometimes, one may need to take necessary risks. I am desperate here. Good luck to you! Anna, could you please assist me with any online job suitable especially for Nigerians? However, this link may help — https: However, you can check this post for worldwide work at home resources -https: I have a few listed here — https: Hi, I desperately need a work from home based job.

I live in Saudi and have seen most of the online jobs does not fall in this region. I have a bachelors degree in business administration. Having a hard time finding one!

32 Fun, High-Paying Jobs

Best-paying work-from-home jobs It’s easier than ever to work from home, but some jobs lend themselves more easily to a work-from-home situation. Sep 27,  · Across age groups and job categories, demand is growing for good-paying work that can be done right from home. Nervous about falling ks, boomers hope to continue earning income without the. 3 legitimate work-at-home online jobs that pay big. local job postings, and job sites like bisnissehati.tk might also have some great opportunities for you.