4 Facts About Work from Home Careers for Military Spouses

Telecommuting positions are available in fraud prevention, analysis, customer service, appraisals, and many other areas. The company is proud of their recognition of the unique skill sets veterans and military members bring to the table and they actively recruit veterans and their spouses. Household chores, errands, child care, school stuff, appointments, events — it was all on my shoulders. Definitely, I mean it — check it out! An indoor tanning lotion provides required moisturization to the skin and aid in absorbing the UV light that improves tan ability to tan faster, deeper as well as darker. Hilton helps veterans bring their strong values to the company and translate their skills into many roles. Now is a great time for military spouses who want to work.

Work at Home Ideas for Military Spouses Published October 2, Disclosure: We may receive compensation if you sign up for or purchase products linked to below. We try our best to provide the most accurate information, but details do change.

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Organizations are hungry for strong talent like that, and I am confident they would love to add another military spouse to the payroll — especially if your networking contact has paved the way!

Rather, they start out in a physical office, prove to have unshakable work ethic, and then transition to telecommuting. Thus, I challenge you to engage your employer about remote working and perhaps your opportunity for continuity during your next PCS is right under your nose! Some positions naturally lend themselves better to remote working than others.

You are obviously not going to style hair or perform open-heart surgery from the comfort of your own home. However, there are LOTS of industries that find remote positions to be the best fit. I hope that regardless of your desires, you can also find peace, and find a way to foster your own goals and dreams! There ARE work from home jobs out there for you At first I thought finding a remote job was too good to be true, but with incredible advances in technology and innumerable studies demonstrating the positive impact remote working has on employee engagement and productivity, more and more organizations are changing their culture and policies to adopt teleworking.

There are different ways to find work from home jobs — here are 3! Network As previously mentioned, I now have quite a number of military spouse friends in my network that work remotely, and I am confident that many other military community networks do too. Common remote working positions Some positions naturally lend themselves better to remote working than others. Connect with us on Facebook!

You may also like. They have a Military Associate Network to offer support, associate recruiting, and career guidance. They provide military members with time off for training and active duty, on-leave job security, and uninterrupted benefits. Capital One helps military members translate their special military skills into civilian professional qualifications and they were voted a Top Military Employer.

Convergys has been recognized for hiring military members, veterans, and their spouses, including over 5, in the last two years. They offer work-at-home opportunities with competitive benefits, employee discounts, easy transfer and move options, as well as flexible schedules.

They also offer training and opportunities for growth. Computer technology company, Dell provides veterans with many job opportunities and they even offer an Employee Resource Support Group. They support military employees who are called to active duty and also help veterans find the right position to translate their military skills to civilian life. Through their work from home opportunities, they provide military spouses with jobs that can be done anywhere their spouse is deployed.

They were honored by U. Enterprise work-at-home jobs are mainly focused in their customer service division, assisting customers with their rentals and helping them with any concerns. Hilton has committed to hire 20, veterans by through an initiative to hire veterans and their families called Operation Opportunity. The Hilton commitment to veterans has been a long legacy, beginning with founder Conrad Hilton, a veteran of World War I. Hilton helps veterans bring their strong values to the company and translate their skills into many roles.

The insurance company, Humana has long worked in the U. They also list jobs available for bilingual employees and those with medical backgrounds. They provide internships, training, and career progression programs for military members and veterans. JPMorgan offers work from home positions for those experienced in the banking industry including mid-level roles.

They offer competitive pay, benefits and retirement packages. Insurance company Progressive provides military families with great flexibility and opportunities. They offer percent differential pay to active-duty members and reservists if their basic pay is less than the hourly rate at Progressive. They also offer easy transfer for military members and their spouses at any of their locations across the company.

Customer service positions offer work from home flexibility, full-time hours and competitive pay. SYKES is a digital marketing and customer service outsourcing company, serving many different companies and industries. Through their Home Jobs division, they offer many telecommuting roles to accommodate military spouses.

Travelers recruits and hires military service members and their spouses including during their quarterly hiring event MOJO Military Officers Job Opportunities.

Work from home and telecommuting positions are found listed on FlexJobs and include a wide-range of opportunities such as underwriter, customer service, training consultant, and auditor. Their remote jobs include customer service positions in sales and reservations. USAA serves military members and their families with insurance, credit, and banking services. Telecommuting positions are available in fraud prevention, analysis, customer service, appraisals, and many other areas. Verizon was ranked as the 1 Military Friendly company with over 11, veterans employed.

This usually entails translating text or audio, but the work is largely the same. Fluency in another language is an absolute prerequisite, but patience and communication skills are usually required as well. Web designers and developers are highly sought after — creating and maintaining a website is a feat. While some companies employ them in-house, many actually work remotely.

Some projects are small enough to tackle single-handedly, but even those that require collaboration can be completed with the numerous, advanced communication methods available through the internet.

If you know a lot about the different nations of the world, or feel comfortable with your ability to find that information quickly, becoming a travel agent may be the right job for you. Travel agents are tasked with planning out the vacations, business trips, and getaways of anyone who approaches them.

They must be able to communicate very well and build long-lasting business relationships. Working online gives travel agents the ability to reach a much wider customer base. Call centers are the locus of support for products and services. The operators who man them are the first line of assistance most customers will interact with, and usually the last.

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As we find more work from home companies that offer military initiatives, we will continue to add to this list. In fact, you may want to save it for later on Pinterest here. Work From Home Companies That Offer Veterans and Military Spouses Jobs Aetna. Aetna is a well-known, Fortune insurance company. So You Want To Work From Home: Top 8 Places for Military Spouses To Find A Work from Home Job September 23, Companies Who Support the Troops, Featured, Onpost Living Thanks to Youtube I not only get emails from you my amazing readers (who happen to mainly be military spouses) but I also have been getting alot of emails from everyday folks who are looking for employment from home. According to the Military Times website, it has a hiring program for spouses and it pays reservists a combination of full civilian pay and the difference between civilian and military pay. See more work at home insurance jobs.