Workers' Compensation Basics for Employers

OnDemand Webinar Archived webinar presentation with audio and slideshow including downloadable reference manual. As more companies allow their workforces to move from cubicles to home offices, outdated risk management plans may not be keeping up with the exposures related to at-home workers. The policy is competitively priced, and free instant quotes for our families makes workers' compensation extremely easy to obtain and manage. Also be on the lookout for hazards , such as exposed extension cords, and ensure the residence has sufficient fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. OWCP will assist in obtaining the settlement and the Act guarantees that the employee may retain a certain proportion of the settlement after any attorney fees and costs are deducted even when the cost of compensation and other benefits exceeds the amount of the settlement. Unlimited Lorman Training With the All-Access Pass there is no guessing what you will need for your yearly training budget.

In June, a New Jersey court granted workers compensation survivor benefits to the family of Cathleen Renner, an AT&T manager who died of a blood clot after sitting at her work computer at home for.

FAQs About Workers' Compensation Insurance

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from home or from a variety of remote locations (e.g. satellite offices, neighborhood work centers, mobile workers). It is generally used by companies whose employees rely on the Internet, computers, and telephones. Allowing employees to work from home makes good business sense for many employers. However, it is not a free pass for the employer to ignore possible liability. All home-based workers have the same workers’ compensation benefits as in-office employees. Cases regarding workers’ compensation have shown that the law tends to see the home office no differently from the office building or store front.